Reasons Why Craigslist Shuts Down The W4M Personals Section


Craigslist W4M personals section is one of the most famous personal sites online. There are millions of women and men who are using the site either to find a one-night stand or to assure that they will find the love of their life. Craigslist has been used to find dates for a long time. Most people prefer to use Craigslist because it is reliable and allow to find anyone you like. There are no restrictions that you will have to deal with.

However, recently it seems like things are not going so great for Craigslist W4M personals. It has been found there are many services of Craigslist that they have to stop because of some bad users. They are now using the alternative site like W4M to find a date. There are many individuals who are using Craigslist for their own personal means. That is why in order to stop it, they have to shut down the related services. Recently, W4M services of Craigslist has been closed and here are some of the reasons why.


Misuse of Services

There are many women and men who were misusing the services. they get in touch with the individuals available online, only to collect their nudes. You will be surprised to know that there are different ways they can use the images to earn money and the person who has shared the images would have to deal with humiliation if someone they know would find the pictures online. It is the reason that many individuals have committed suicide. There are many individuals who have been blackmailed by those who have their pictures for sex or other actions. It was making online dating difficult. Individuals were unable to trust the online dating services available. It is affecting the business of other dating sites.

It Changed into Abuse Center

You will be surprised to know that Craigslist W4M was turned into an abuse center because of the following reasons.

1. Most of the users complained that it was like an online brothel because the users were taking money for sex.
2. There were many individuals who were being harmed in different ways while having sex. Even during online sex, they were harmed because they were asked to do some dangerous positions.
3. It was becoming hard for the individuals looking for dates to find someone they can trust or have a reliable relationship with. Most of the people were removing their profiles because of some serious issues.


Sex Trafficking Was Increasing

One of the biggest issues that have been found on Craigslist W4M section was sex trafficking. There were many cases in which individuals will call someone on a date or for one-night stand. They will drug them and transfer them to another land as an object for sex only to gain some extra money. It was like Craigslist is turning into a business platform for the sex traffickers who were looking for eligible individuals to transport to another land. They were especially looking for young girls and boys. The worst thing is that they were hard to catch because they were used fake ID to contact individuals.


The Bill Has Passed

Recently, the bill has been passed that made Craigslist shut down its W4M section because the government could not take such cases anymore. They had to take some serious steps to assure that people will get the protection online that they deserve. It has been made clear that if such kind of issues arises again with some other type of dating site, the same bill will be passed for them as well. It means that dating sites have to work on the security they are providing.



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