What An Idea: A Woman in India Plasters Her Car With Cow Dung To Combat Rising Temperature

cow dung car

The whole of India is desperately trying to fight the rise in temperature. Where most of the Indians are preferring to stay indoors during the day time and enjoying the coolness of air conditioners, there are not many options for those who have to take out their automobile in the hot, sweltering heat.

By the time the air conditioner cools the car, you have already reached the destination.


Keeping A Car Cool With Cow Dung

Desperation leads to innovation. So although it cannot be said exactly an innovation, you can definitely call the efforts of plastering cow dung on the car by an Ahmedabad resident an out of the box idea. After all, everyone knows cow dung has been used in India earlier for keeping the houses cool but no one ever thought of using it to keep the car cool.    

But one fine day a Facebook user Rupesh Gauranga Das came across a car that was entirely plastered with cow dung from the outside. In his post, Rupesh says, “Best use of cow dung I have ever seen.” He shared the photos of the cooling hack on his Facebook account and they quickly went viral. The photos were clicked in Ahmedabad.

According to Rupesh, “To counter 45 degrees heat temperatures and protect the car from getting hot Mrs. Sejal shah has plastered her car with cow dung. Getting cool. ”


Best use of cow dung I have ever seen It’s in AmdavadTo counter 45 degrees heat temperatures and protect car from getting hot Mrs. Sejal shah has plastered her car with cow dung Getting cool ?

Posted by Rupesh Mahajan on Monday, 20 May 2019

How To Deal With Odor Of Cow Dung?

The photos by Rupesh clearly shows the sedan plastered completely with cow dung. Although many users found it indeed fascinating, most of them wondered how the occupants are dealing with the stinking odor of the cow dung. There were a few who even asked how many layers of cow dung was required to keep the car cool.  

Mixing the cow dung with soil and using it to apply on floor and walls or even directly applying them and letting it dry is a traditional practice in rural India even today. It keeps the structures cool in summer and warm during winter.

Cow dung is a natural disinfectant and a mosquito repellant which is why villagers do not need mosquito repellants in their houses. Modern India has also now become aware of the importance of cow dung and now various companies have come up with products with cow dung or cow urine (gomutra) as the main ingredient.


Similarly, there are a few smart brains who have also said that applying cow dung on mobile phones stops radiation.