COVID Heat: Bengaluru’s Hobbit Cafe Has Been Shut Down And Have Now Turned Towards Their Last Option

The Hobbit Cafe (1)

The COVID-19 Pandemic has been for most parts worse. Below the huge humanitarian crisis lies a layer of the economic crisis that is soon to burst out in the open. The economic crisis means millions of people losing their jobs, lakhs of them have to put a pause to their dreams and thousands of them will be left with no money in their pockets.

One such dream that is being forced to pause is a café at the heart of the Bengaluru city called The Hobbit Café. The Hobbit Café is a passion project than just a café as the owner Karthik calls it. The Hobbit café not only excelled in its service to the customers but is also one of its kind. It is the only café in the country that is managed and run by dwarfs.


While there are many non-profit organizations that help differently-abled people, there are a few or even no organization that is dedicated to helping dwarfs. For many people, dwarfism is not a disability. However, dwarfs struggle to find a regular job they can bank upon, to enjoy a similar status as others, or even a chance to live life like everybody else. Facing daily rejection from the society in the form of discrimination, many of them are either abandoned by the family or are devoid of hopes in life. In 2019, The Hobbit Café at Koramangala was started just to give them a shot at living life as they want.

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Meet Rajshekhar

23-year-old Rajshekhar hailing from a village in Anantpur used to milk cows and sell the milk along with his father. The family used to get an income of 4000-5000 rupees per month. Along with being a dwarf, Rajshekhar also has a hearing disability. He is partially deaf. As the days go by, his condition is also getting worse. After being promised a job in Bengaluru by different agencies, Rajshekhar visited Bengaluru twice and returned back with no hope. The job at the Hobbit Café is his first formal job.


Meet Chamundeshwari

In her mid-thirties, Chamundeshwari was thrown out of the family due to internal issues. Following that, she applied for a job in pharmacy in Andhra Pradesh. Chamundeshwari had to bottle up a lot of discrimination at the workplace and finally quit her job. Due to the fear of discrimination, she stayed at home for two years after which she was hired at the Hobbit Café. The other staffs too have had both economic and social struggle who has now found a home in the Hobbit Café.

Your Chance to Support Lives

The café that was running efficiently and which was able to support many families who otherwise wouldn’t see the light of the day has been shut due to the COVID-19 lockdown. The owners of the café continued to support their staff despite being advised against it. With the uncertainties around the businesses due to the pandemic, the café has been short of funds to even pay the salaries.

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The owners of the café have turned towards their last option i.e. crowdfunding. The café is seeking to raise 10 lakhs out of which 2.5 lakhs have already been raised. The amount will not only bring the café back to life but also will bring hope to those lives who had just started to dream about their future.

Even if somebody cannot support the initiative monetarily, one can always spread the word and help the initiative. At times like this, it is the human spirit and the helping nature of humans that will take us a long way.