COVID-19 Vaccine: It is Still Uncertain, WHO Head Dr. Tedros Crushes Hopes

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The World Health Organisation on Thursday came out and issued a statement that there is no certainty of an effective COVID-19 vaccine that would effectively end the coronavirus pandemic.

Ever since the pandemic has broken out of China, there have been several countries and organizations have started a race to develop the first vaccine that would effectively put an end to the pandemic that caused a humanitarian, economical and medical crisis all across the world. The head of the World Health Organisation has now come out and swept away the hopes and said that it is not certain that scientists will be able to create an effective COVID-19 vaccine.


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Courtesy: Voice of America

Doctor Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the head of the World Health Organisation was speaking at a video-conference with the deputies from the European Parliament’s health committee. Even though he discarded the certainty, he also said that if such a vaccine is made, it should be available to all as soon as possible. He said,

“It would be very difficult to say for sure that we will have a vaccine. We never had a vaccine for a coronavirus. So this will be, when discovered, hoping that it will be discovered, it will be the first one. Hoping that there will be a vaccine, the estimate is we may have a vaccine within one year. If accelerated, it could be even less than that, but by a couple of months. That’s what scientists are saying.”

He also said that the World Health Organisation has at least 100 candidates who are working on a vaccine that is at an advanced stage of development.

57,000 People Critical

The novel coronavirus has so far infected over 9,731,482 people across the world out of which 492,233 people have succumbed to the disease. 5,264,573 people have successfully recovered from the disease. Out of the 3,974,676 active cases in the world, 57,447 people are in critical condition. The rest are either mild cases or asymptomatic.


The United States continues to be the worst affected country with 2,504,676 cases and 126,785 deaths. Brazil is second in the list with close to 1.2 million cases. Russia and India are at third and fourth positions with 620,794 and 491,741 cases respectively.


Source: Hindustan Times