COVID-19 Treatment in A Private Hospital; Whopping Bill Amounts To 2,67,830 for 14 days

Courtesy: One India

Despite the enforcement of lockdown in the last two months, COVID-19 cases in the country are increasing every day. Especially in the states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, and Rajasthan, it is becoming difficult to contain the virus.

Hence, naturally, the problem of insufficient beds in the government hospitals is slowly cropping up. Therefore, certain states have allowed private hospitals to treat COVID-19 at their premises.


Now that we already know how much expensive services are at a private hospital, for COVID-19, the prices were bound to be rocket-high. But we did not expect it to be so high when we came across a bill of a COVID-19 patient from a private hospital in Mumbai. Here are more details about the bill.

A private hospital in Thane

The bill that is doing rounds on social media is of a 36-year-old COVID-19 patient who had undergone the treatment at a private hospital in Thane from May 3rd to May 16th. The final amount, as seen on the bill, is Rs 267830 for 14-days of treatment.

Courtesy: One India

Break up of the bill

Private hospitals are reportedly charging insane amounts of money in order to ensure the required precautions and safety protocols. Here is a break up of the bill:


  • Registration Charges = Rs 1000
  • Consultation Charges = Rs 16800
  • Pathology Charges = Rs 37615
  • Isolation Bed Charges = Rs 84000
  • COVID Care Charges = Rs 14000
  • Medicine Charges = Rs 114415

The total amount on discharge that the COVID-19 patient was asked to pay was Rs 267830. Since this patient had medical claim insurance, the bill amount did not affect much. However, if the same charges were levied on someone who does not have insurance, it would have really been a difficult time for the concerned.

Source: One India