COVID-19 Patient Tied To The Bed, Fallen On Ground In Kerala’s Thrissur Hospital


In a serious allegation of medical negligence against the Thrissur Medical College, an elderly woman was seen tied to a bed in the hospital. The video sees the woman on the ground as her hands are tied to the bed.

On October 18th, Kunjebheevi, the lady, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren tested positive for the novel coronavirus and were shifted to the COVID-19 First-Line Treatment Center in Kothanallor. Two days later, on the 20th, she was shifted to the Medical College hospital after she had high blood pressure.


The Media One showed visuals of the woman tied to the bed having blood clots under her eyes. She was seen lying on the floor unable to use her arms. There wasn’t any staff to look after her too. As per Farshan Fazal, the son-in-law, the visuals were recorded by another COVID-19 patient through a phone. He said,

“We had initially requested that the daughter-in-law too be sent with her to the Medical College since Kunjubheevi is elderly. However, the hospital authorities were reluctant to do so.”


Shifted Immediately To Another Hospital

Her nephew, Farook, spoke to the media and said,

“She is 66 years old and has no other complaints – either physical or mental – apart from diabetes. She was perfectly healthy. When she was admitted to the hospital, she was slightly disoriented. We have no idea why she was tied up the way she was in the hospital. If the patient in the opposite bed had not taken visuals and showed into her daughter-in-law, we would not have been aware of her plight.”

Following the incident, the family moved her from Thrissur Medical College Hospital to a private hospital in the city. After that, her condition seems to be stable, the family confirmed.


“On Wednesday, we received the video, and that night itself we tried to admit her to a hospital. We complained and then only shifted her from there. She would have died if we had not shifted her from there.”


Source: The News Minute