COVID-19 in Karnataka: Cases Double From 1000 To Almost 2000 In Just 8 Days

Karnataka coronavirus (2)
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Positive cases of COVID-19 has doubled itself from 1000 to almost 2000 in just a span of 8 days in Karnataka. On Saturday alone, 216 cases were reported in the state, the highest-ever single day spike since the onset of the crisis.

Situation was okay until a few days ago

Despite the first death due to COVID-19 in the country belonging to Karnataka, the state had somewhat done a good job of containing the virus to an extent. On May 2nd, the state’s tally stood at 600 and it was only after 16 days on May 18th that the number of cases doubled itself to 1200. However, the latest developments have resulted in this doubling period decreasing rapidly.


Karnataka yediyurappa

Doubling Rate is now 8 days

On May 15, the cases in the state had stood at 1056. After 8 days, the number is closing on the 2000-mark, meaning which, the doubling period has itself reduced by 50%.

On Saturday, a total of 216 cases were reported in the state. This is the first time that the state struck the double-century mark, and was hence, the worst day for Karnataka since the onset of the crisis. However, it needs to be noted that close to 180 cases reported on Saturday, were returnees from Maharashtra.

The Government has now taken a decisive action to reduce the spread of virus due to returnees from different states. The state has identified six states, from where, people returning will have to undergo a minimum of 7 day institutional quarantine period. They will also then have to undergo 7 days of home quarantine. The procedure is same for people who will be returning to the state via flights, starting May 25th.


Source: Deccan Chronicle