COVID-19: Here Is A Strange Scene In A 2018 Korean Drama That Is Going Viral

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With the COVID-19 outbreak bringing the entire world to a state of panic, there are plenty of discussions floating around the origin of this virus. While the state of Wuhan in China is a firm answer, there are multiple theories regarding how this virus came out in the first place.

My Secret Terrius

At this juncture, a strange clip is going viral on the internet, which is sure to raise many questions. Here is the clip that we are talking about:


A 2018 South Korean Drama available on Netflix ( Not in India ) called My Secret Terrius is the series under the scanner. In the 10th episode of the first season, as you pause at the 54th minute, there is a dialogue exchange that is sure to garner your attention.

Korean Drama on COVID-19
Korean Drama with strange references to COVID-19

Coincidental words

A man asks his partner to stay at home following a viral outbreak. In the next scene, we see a doctor explaining more about this virus. The words SARS, MERS, and common flu are surprisingly coincidental, while her next dialogue adds to the intrigue. She says the virus could be modified to a 90% mortality, and the word ‘man-made virus’ further adds to the dramatic tension. The doctor finishes off by revealing that a vaccine would be hard to develop for this virus.


Not the first time

While many have already pointed out a few uncanny coincidences in a few books, the 2011-movie Contagion also dealt with a similar storyline. Although this discussion might be relevant at one point, at the moment, all our focus must now lie on keeping ourselves safe by staying at home.