COVID-19: False Rumor On Cure For Corona Virus Leads to 300 Deaths In Iran

COVID-19 Iran
Iran is one of the worst hit countries of COVID-19

One of the worst-hit countries with almost 30000 cases and 2000 deaths, Iran is now bracing for an epidemic inside a pandemic. As per the latest reports, around 300 people have died following a false belief, which indicated drinking methanol would cure them of the Coronavirus.

No cure as yet

While the world is struggling to cope with the COVID-19 outbreak, the most aggravating task has been to find a cure for the virus. Till now, there is no solution to the disease, and if there is a vaccine too, logistic issues would take over.


In light of this, we have seen many cases of people trying to find their own methods. But, in Iran, one such attempt has led to multiple loss of lives.

300 deaths and 1000 sick

In Iran, believing that methanol would sanitize one’s body and protect them from Coronavirus, many have gone ahead and consumed the industrial alcohol. This has turned out to become deadly, as 300 people have lost their lives, and many have fallen ill. The ill also include a 5-year-old boy, who has turned blind, after his parents forced him to consume methanol.

COVID-19 in Iran
Over 300 die and 1000 fall sick after people drink methanol, believing it would protect them against COVID-19

Fear, Rumours and lack of knowledge

While fear is certain in this situation, it has been the false rumors on social media that have affected the Iranians the most. Also, the lack of knowledge on the effects of these methods might have added to the already mounting list of problems.