COVID-19: Bengaluru Police Offer Free Food To The Needy During The Lockdown

Karnataka Police
Courtesy: Deccan Herald

Apart from working full-time to break the chain of the Coronavirus during the National Lockdown, Bengaluru Police has inspired their equivalents across the country, by offering free food and other essentials to the poor.

Perception Defining Act

While Police across the country have been struggling to come out of their ‘lathi-wielding’ image, Bengaluru Police has actually done something that you can cheer for.


With almost every hotel having their shutters down until April 15th, the needy have been struggling for food. At this juncture, the northern and the southern divisions of the city police have done their bit to help flatten the situation.

The other side of Bengaluru Police
The other side of Bengaluru Police

Free Food, Snacks, Water and Hand Sanitizers

The Police are feeding the poor apart from handing masks and sanitizers, which are essential at the moment. Here is what Rohini Katoch Sepat, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) had to say about the drive.

An officer of the rank of sub-inspector has been appointed a community liaison officer in each police station. These liaison officers are in touch with people through WhatsApp to provide the essentials to the poor and the needy. Many people have come forward for this cause.”


While the needy in JP Nagar, Banashankari, and surrounding areas have already been taken care of, Yeshwantpur Police have gone a step further by appointing a cook to prepare food for the needy. Women Officers are even involved in the preparation of the food. As per their statement, at the moment, they are serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to around 400 people per day.