‘Country Will Pay A Huge Price Because Of This Government’, Rahul Attacks PM Over China Issue

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On Saturday, former Congress President Rahul Gandhi launched another scathing attack on the ruling party over the Indo-China standoff at Ladakh. He said the country will pay a huge price because of this government’s policies.

Rahul Gandhi tweeted a video of Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh speaking in Ladakh where he said that no country can take even an inch of land from India. Along with the video, he wrote,


“China has taken our land and the government of India is behaving like Chamberlain. This will further embolden China.”

The Chamberlain mention in the tweet is a reference to former Prime Minister of Britain Arthur Neville Chamberlain who is believed to have a policy of appeasement towards the German dictator Adolf Hitler before World War II. He even had surrendered parts of Czechoslovakia to Adolf Hitler by signing the Munich agreement of 1938.

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Courtesy: India Today

Rahul Gandhi’s Attacks Continues

Ever since the tensions along the border of China has increased, Gandhi has repeatedly accused Narendra Modi of his foreign policies. Post the Galwan Valley clash, he accused Prime Minister of surrendering land to China and later falsely claiming that the Chinese haven’t intruded into the Indian territory of Ladakh. In the last few weeks, Gandhi has questioned various foreign policies of the government. He also raised questions of the Chinese attacking the Indian soldiers in the midst of a pandemic.

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh visited Ladak to interact with the troops delivered an assuring and a motivating speech to the troops.


Speaking about the clash of 15th June, Rajnath Singh said,

“Whatever talks have happened so far, the matter should get resolved but to what extent it would be resolved, I cannot guarantee. However, I want to assure you that not an inch of our land can be taken by any power in the world.”


Source: Scroll.in