Coronavirus Backlog effect: Mumbai’s Recovered Cases Jump from 8,650 to 16,008

On Friday, the city of Mumbai reported 1,447 new cases of the novel coronavirus and 38 deaths due to the same taking the city’s tally up to 36,932 and the death toll to 1,173. However, on the positive side, the city’s recoveries jumped from 8,650 to 16,008.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) officials said that while 715 patients were discharged on Friday while the rest of the 6,643 cases were added as they were already discharged in the last few weeks. The Deputy Executive Health officer of BMC, Dr. Daksha Shah said that the overall recovery rate of the city has been improved. He said,


“Timely oxygen support is helping patients recover by seven days. Besides, we have been giving the tocilizumab injection for patients which also helps in the recovery. If you look at the literature, the patient’s infectiousness goes down by eight-nine days. So, this works.”

Mumbai recoveries (1)
Courtesy: The Hindu

Over 1.9 lakh tests conducted in the City

In the deaths recorded on Friday, 22 were men while 16 were women and 28 of them were in co-morbid conditions like asthma, heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Almost 81 percent of the total cases have been recorded in the month of May. As per Dr. Shah, the city has reached its peak and it will only saturate now. The city has conducted an impressive 1,89,967 COVID-19 tests out of which 4,266 came on Friday. Talking about the testing strategy, Dr. Shah said,

“We are essentially focusing on testing those with symptoms. The high-risk contacts are being tested too, within five to 10 days of contact, or earlier if they develop symptoms.”

The area of Dharavi recorded 41 new cases on Friday as the tally reached 1715 cases. Most of the cases of Dharavi were from Kumbharwada, Koliwada, and Kala Killa. The area also saw nine more deaths on Friday. The total number of deaths in Dharavi has reached 70.

The state of Maharashtra has, until the 30th of May, has recorded 62,228 positive cases of COVID-19 out of which 33,133 cases are active. 26,997 patients have successfully recovered from COVID-19. The state also leads the number of deaths in the country with 2,098 deaths.


Source: The Hindu