Here’s Why You Should Visit Cool Joint Of Jayanagar, Local’s Most Favorite Adda

cool joint

Jayanagar has numerous restaurants. Some of these are renowned in their own right and have a loyal fanbase of regulars. But one might not always have time for the complete dining experience. At times, all you want is to grab a quick bite to eat during your break or before a commute. Fret not for Jayanagar has its fair share of cafes as well. Here are seven reasons why Cool Joint in Jayanagar, 4th Block deserves a special mention.

It is Cool

It has “Cool” right there in its name and its drinks. What more can one ask for? Jokes aside, this place is famous and is an important landmark in Jayanagar. The café has been running for about twenty years and is well known amongst locals.

cool joint


The sandwiches here have received great acclaim from foodies. The regulars here swear by the sandwiches which are juicy and filled with flavor. The café serves over a dozen of these flavor bombs which are delicious as well as filling. Their sandwiches have not changed in quality and taste after all these years. But watch out, some of the sandwiches are available only on certain days of the week.

cool joint

Satisfy your sweet tooth

The Cool joint also sells milkshakes and faloodas as well as an assortment of ice-creams to satisfy your craving for sweeter dishes. One is guaranteed to meet their “Dream Girl” here, one way or another for it is also the name of one of their many wackily named ice creams. The milkshakes are most sought after for they go well with the sandwiches and are refreshing especially after a long day of work. Those who want to keep an eye on their health can order from the salad menu without much guilt and still have fun for the fruit salads here are always fresh and well-seasoned in every sense of the word.

cool joint

Easy on your pockets

Despite serving quality food, the place isn’t expensive and can easily fit into the budget of even a student. With the sandwiches starting at around fifty bucks, it’s no surprise that this place is an instant hit. The salads, ice-creams, and milkshakes are also reasonably priced. Costing about rupees 250 for two, this place surprisingly affordable.

Fun time for the kids

The restaurant also has a kids menu with dishes such as “He-Man”, “Jungle Book” and “Spiderman”. It helps keeps annoying siblings or children amused while you can enjoy the sandwiches in peace.

cool joint

Street Food

Bengaluru has an amazing street-food cuisine that everyone enjoys. Street-food, unlike restaurant cooked meals, are to the point and fresh. The crowds here come solely for affordable quality food and taste. Cool Joint in Jayanagar is one such place that has earned its crowds by virtue of its dishes alone.

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cool joint

Crowd Puller

The place sees extremely high footfalls every day. It is strategically situated in the middle of Jayanagar on the main road. Its affordable prices and delicious sandwiches attract a horde of students as well as adults alike. Despite people jostling for space and having no seating, the place remains a hit for the aforementioned reasons. Self-service isn’t really a deterrent and the lure of the sandwiches is hard to resist. For those near Jayanagar, this place should be number one in their bucket list.

Open from 9 am to 11 pm, Cool Joint is located at 30th Cross, 11th Main, 4th Block, Jayanagar.

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