14 Key Contributions of Sir M Visvesvaraya – The Great Engineer from Karnataka

sir m visvevaraya

Sir M Visweshwaraiah, an Engineer par Excellence is one of the most eminent Engineers ever produced by India. A proud Kannadiga who was the chief architect behind the construction of the Great KRS Dam in Mandya. This work of him was instrumental in converting the barren lands into fertile grounds for farming. Words fall short to describe his excellence. Today, on account of his 157th Birthday, which is also celebrated as Engineer’s Day, let us know a few noted Contributions of Sir M Visvesvaraya on today’s read.

It is also a proud thing for an Indian, especially for a Kannadiga to know that Google has paid tribute to Sir M V through a Doodle.

Sir M Visvesvaraya

Remembering Sir M Visvesvaraya

vivevaraya google doodle

1. He was instrumental in designing and patenting a system of automatic weir floodgates in 1903
2. Sir M V was the architect of the Great Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysuru. This is one of the major contributions of Vishweshwaraiah to Karnataka and to the nearby states.

contributions of sir m vivevaraya

3. He designed a flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad by Mussi River.
4. He is the one who designed a plan for road construction between Tirumala & Tirupati
5. Sir M V played a key role in developing a system to protect Vishakapatnam port from sea erosion.
6. He was responsible for founding the Mysore soap factory, the Mysore Iron & steel works (Bhadravathi), Sri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic Institute, The Bangalore Agricultural University, and the State Bank of Mysore.

Sir M Visvesvaraya

7. He has served as the Diwan of the State of Mysore.
8. Sir M V has served as the Chief Engineer of Mysore State in 1909 and as the Diwan of the princely state of Mysore in 1912, a position he held for seven years. As the Diwan, he made an immense contribution towards the overall development of the state.
9. He also commissioned several new Railway lines in Mysore state.
10. Sir Visheshwaraiah had designed and carried out the waterworks for the Municipality of Sukkur in 1895. He is also credited with the development of the Block System which would prevent the wasteful flow of water in dams.

vivevaraya google doodle

11. His work was becoming so popular that the Government of India sent him to Aden to study water supply and drainage system in 1906-07. He did so and designed a project based on his study which was implemented in Aden.
12. Sir MV was awarded an Honorary Membership of London Institution of Civil Engineers for an unbroken 50 years.

Sir M Visvesvaraya

13. He was an Engineer who had planned the Indian Economy in 1934.
14. In 1955, he was awarded Independent India’s Greatest Honor, The Bharath Ratna for his impeccable work in the fields of Engineering and education.

These were a few noted Contributions of Sir MV Vishweshwaraiah. As an Engineer and an administrator, the kind of work which Sir MV has done will stand as an inspiration to many more generations to come.


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