Congressman Says PM Modi Is Violating Law By Attending Parliament As He Is Above 65 Years

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged citizens especially the 65 years above to stay at home practicing Janata curfew. However, the Congress party took a dig at PM Modi by asking him to follow the same rule for himself.

Congress accused Modi of breaking rules

The grand old party claimed that Modi was violating the law by attending Parliament despite his government urged citizens above 65 years to remain indoors amid Coronavirus scare.


According to the sources, senior Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said that the PM was exposing MPs and thousands of people to the spread of coronavirus by allowing the continuation of the Parliament session, which he termed “stupid”.

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Courtesy: The Financial Express

MP Assembly on watch 

The Congress leader further alleged that the only reason for Parliament was functioning because the BJP government was expecting the outcome of the Madhya Pradesh assembly crisis, where Congress has been asked to hold a floor test by Friday.

“The coronavirus pandemic is posing a grave threat globally to the health of the citizens and the economies of countries. The country and world are united in the wake of this pandemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, however, must walk the talk, and not pontificate.”


source: ANI

“The government has evoked the Epidemic Act and asked citizens above 65 to stay indoors. Urge the PM to respect and not violate the law by insisting on the farcical Parliament session to continue. He, his ministers and other leaders above 65 years would-be violators of the law,” Sharma said.

Congress leader Jaiveer Shergill tweeted, “BJP government issues advisory for people above 65 to stay at home. Majority MPs esp Rajya Sabha are above 65, including PM, so why is Parliament still functioning? Very sure after the MP floor test Parliament will be adjourned sine die. BJP puts politics above preventive health measures.”