Congress Worker Who Drove Priyanka Gandhi Vadra On Scooter Fined Rs 6,100 For Not Wearing Helmet

source: ani

On Sunday the Uttar Pradesh police slapped a challan of Rs 6,100 to a former Congress MLA for not wearing a helmet while driving a two-wheeler. Driver identified as Rajasthan Dheeraj Gurjar who drove Priyanka Gandhi on a scooter to reach the residence of former IPS officer SR Darapur.

Rs 6,100 challan 

The Congress member and former MLA from Jahazpur, Rajasthan Dheeraj Gurjar, and Priyanka Gandhi were not wearing helmets while riding a two-wheeler. Party General Secretary Mrs. Vadra had taken a ride on Dheeraj Gurjar’s scooter when the UP cops decided to stop her when she was in Lucknow to meet the family members to Darapuri, who were detained for anti-CAA protests.


source: ani

The UP Police imposed challan: Rs 2,500 for not having a driving license, Rs 500 for helmets, Rs 300 for not following the traffic rules, Rs 300 for the faulty number plate, and Rs 2,500 for rash driving.

Priyanka Narrating her experience

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra speaking to the media told, “As we were on our way, suddenly a police vehicle came in front of us and the policemen said you cannot go. I asked them why and was told that we will not be allowed to move ahead.”

“I got off the vehicle and started walking. I was surrounded. A woman cop pushed me and I fell. I was forcibly stopped. But I was determined. I am standing with every citizen who has faced police abuse. This is my ‘satyagraha’,” Priyanka Gandhi claimed.


Priyanka Gandhi Vadra also accused circle officer (CO) Archana Singh for “manhandling” her and “grabbing her neck”. Priyanka said Archana manhandled her when she was on her way to meet the family members of former IPS officer SR Darapuri.

“I was prevented. The police stopped me by grabbing my neck. I was pushed and I fell. It was then I went further with a party member on his two-wheeler,” said Priyanka.

A Female cop manhandling Priyanka Gandhi

Later Uttar Pradesh Police had come out in support of Archana Singh as they believed she was performing her duty. Moreover, the woman police officer was on duty when she got the news of her cousin’s death. Despite that, Archana kept her emotions in control and performed her job.


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“Mrs. Vadra was moving in a different path and the female officer only enquired about her travel purposes. The allegations of manhandling the Congress leader are false,” SSP Lucknow Kalanidhi Naithani said,

Speaking on allegations, Archana Singh told, “All the accusations bulldozed by Priyanka Gandhi are not true. She was supposed to travel from the state Congress headquarters to Sheila Kaul’s residence at 4.30 pm on Saturday. A part of Priyanka Gandhi’s group took a turn towards Kaul’s residence while the Congress leader went straight. I was bothered when I tried to enquire where she wanted to go so that the required security arrangements could be made.”

Keshav Prasad Maurya, UP Deputy Chief Minister, responded to the incident. He said, “Congress leaders are misleaders. They are attempting to cheat people over the CAA and are now trying to defame the police to obtain the attention of the people. Congress has no base in Uttar Pradesh and is only doing drama politics. Such policies will not work.”