Congress Should Find New President Through Democratic Elections, And Prefarably Not From Gandhi Family: Sanjay Jha


Days after being removed as a spokesperson, Congress leader Sanjay Jha on Friday said the party should find a new president through democratic elections, and preferably not from Gandhi family.

While talking to Outlook India, Sanjay Jha said that “There is no dearth of outstanding talent within the party. The uncomplicated way forward is elections; not just for the post of the president, but also within the CWC.”



He also said that close coterie around Rahul Gandhi pre-selects his access. “It cannot be denied that there is a close coterie around him (Rahul Gandhi) that pre-selects his access, which is absurd as most of them would not know the difference between Muzzafarpur and Muzzafarnagar. Leaders must have a fan club, not a fan club,” Jha told Outlook India.