Congress Leaders Thrash A Woman, Netizens Ask Is This The Feminism Of Congress?

Priyanka Gandhi(2)

In Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria region, a woman was brutally thrashed by the Indian National Congress workers. This has sparked a row on social media.

The tussle broke out after the woman opposed the party’s decision to give the ticket to Mukund Bhaskar Mani Tripathi from the Deoria Assembly seat to contest in the upcoming by-election. The woman is identified as Tara Yadav. She said that the party has given a ticket to a rapist. She said,


“I was thrashed by party workers when I questioned the party’s decision to give a ticket to a rapist, Mukund Bhaskar for upcoming by-polls. Now, I’m waiting for Priyanka Gandhi Ji to take action. On one hand, our party leaders are fighting for justice for the Hathras case victim, and on the other hand, party ticket is being given to a rapist. It is the wrong decision. It will malign the image of our party.”

Priyanka Gandhi(3)

The Chairperson of the National Commission for Women, Rekha Sharma, also said that the body has taken cognizance of the matter. She said,

“We’ve taken cognizance of the incident wherein a woman party worker was beaten up by around 25 people. It’s a serious matter as when we are saying women should join politics, political people behave like gundas with a woman. It’s time that they should be punished.”

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