Complete Water Shutdown In Bengaluru On July 21 & 22: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

water problem in bengaluru

Bengaluru will face a complete water shutdown on July 21 and 22 as the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) is refurbishing on Sunday and Monday. As per the report, the water supply from Cauvery for the entire city will be affected because the pumping stations at TK Halli, Tatagani, Harohalli will not be functioning.   

Pumping Stations Where Cauvery Water Is Treated Will Not Be Functional

In its official release, the BWSSB has stated that the pumping stations where the water from the river Cauvery is treated prior to pumping in the city will not be functioning between 8 am and 2 am. These pumping stations include Horahalli, Tataguni, and Torekadanahalli. 

The official statement says, “The work of replacement of 220KV metering CT & PT for the refurbishment of the surge protection system is proposed to be taken on 21.07.19 and 22.07.19. In view of this CWSS Stage 1,2,3,4, phase 1 & 2 pumping system at T.K.halli, Harohalli, and Tataguni will not be functioning on 21.07.19 to 22.07.19 (08:00 am- 2:00 am), which may disrupt water supply on these two days in entire Bangalore City. The public is requested to cooperate with the Board.” 

According to an engineer at BWSSB, “The work will disrupt the Cauvery Water Supply Scheme (CWSS) across all stages and phases and thus affecting the entire city.” 

Disruption To Cause Problems For Residents On Outskirts Of Bengaluru

Apart from upgrading the overall supply network to stop leakage and pilferage, BWSSB is also replacing and upgrading the existing electrical installations to ensure that frequent occurrences of glitches in power supply to the pumps are avoided.

The core areas in the city are highly unlikely to be disturbed by the disruption in the water supply. However, those residing on the outskirts of the city and periphery of the core area are going to be affected badly.

water problem in bengaluru

According to a resident living near Agara off Sarjapur Road, “The supply of water is already inconsistent and many of us are relying on tanker waters. At times, water supplied through tankers is not up to the mark. Now, as there won’t be any water supply for two days, the price of water tankers may go up sharply.” These residents can control the problem to some extent by stocking up enough water to last a couple of days.



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