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“Comedy is gone in Bollywood, Hindi writers have become ‘Hopeless'”: Legendary comedian Johnny Lever

Bollywood’s Legendary comedian Johnny Lever said that the main reason why he doesn’t work in Hindi Cinema as he used to anymore is that there is no longer a requirement for comic relief characters in Bollywood movies.

Johnny Lever criticized Bollywood 

Veteran actor Johnny Lever criticized the state of the film industry and said that there is no longer a need for his brand of humor in Bollywood films anymore. He revealed in an interview that doubtful actors demanded that they be given comic scenes as well, to avoid a scenario where he, Johnny, would walk away with all the admiration. And as a result, the presence of comic relief characters became negligible.


In an interview with ETimes, Johnny shared an example of his breakout film, the Shah Rukh Khan-starrer Baazigar. He said that the film ‘didn’t have a writer’, which meant that he had to come up with all the comedy scenes himself. And he did it, thanks to ‘youthful energy’.

Comedy is gone

Questioned why he doesn’t appear in as many films as he used to anymore, he said, “I turn down work because the writing is bad these days. You speak of Baazigar… That film had no writer, it was just me. I came up with all the punches. Those were good days, we used to work hard. But these days, we don’t have (comedy) writers. It’s like, ‘Johnny bhai will handle it’. That’s not how it works. We need a blueprint first.” Reported Indian Express.

He adds, “Comedy was given respect back in the day. These days, there’s hardly any comedy in movies. Back in the day, I used to get such positive responses, my scenes would become the highlight of the movie. Sometimes, the heroes would feel threatened and my scenes would be edited. They used to watch how the audience would react to my scenes and feel insecure. They started asking writers to come up with comedy scenes for them, as well. The writers would start distributing comedy scenes. And my roles became smaller and smaller, which is what you’re seeing now. Comedy is gone.”


He stated that very few directors — he singled out Rohit Shetty — still value comedy in their movies. But otherwise, he said, heroes and villains are all being funny these days. There is no requirement for comic relief from actors like him. He was recently seen in Cirkus, directed by Rohit Shetty.