Colors Kannada To Re-Telecast Kannada Sit-com Silli Lalli Season 1 From April 14th

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Silli Lalli, the famous Kannada sit-com that ruled the television sets in the early part of the 2000s, will be re-telecast from April 14th on Colors Kannada, every day at 10 am.

The sit-com was earlier telecast on ETV Kannada

The highly popular show was about the family of Dr. Vittal Rao and their day-to-day activities. Each episode, approximately 21 minutes, dealt with a different concept, although in some cases, there have been instances of the same concept being stretched for multiple episodes.

Season 1 was telecast on ETV Kannada, a channel that is now nonexistent. The next season had a different cast and did not fare well with the audience. The show was directed by Vijayendra Prasad and produced by Final Cut Production Company.

Silli Lalli

The season of re-telecasts

With Ramayan and Mahabharat getting re-telecast in Hindi channels following the stoppage of shoot activities across the country due to the lockdown, the regional TV channels have also been trying to switch to a few classic hits during the quarantine period.

In Kannada, Colors Kannada happens to be the first major mover, as Silli Lill will finally be back on TV, after several requests by the fans.

A few facts about the TV show

  • Season 1 had 1162 episodes, a pretty record in the Kannada TV circles
  • MS Narasimha Murthy had written the story for Season 1
  • The lead character, played by Ravishankar Gowda, ran away from the sets after 1 month because he felt comedy was not his forte and he failed miserably in comic-timing. However, the director convinced him to stay and the rest is history.
  • The series was initially launched as a women-centric serial, with the primary target aim being females.
  • Popular actors like Yash and Ganesh have played cameos in the serial.
  • Popular Sihi Kahi Chandru directed the second season of the show.