Cobra Twitter Review: Moviegoers Say ‘The Movie Works Only Because Of Vikram’

Ajay Gnanamuthu’s Cobra which was released on Wednesday has garnered a mixed response. Chiyaan Vikram plays a genius who breathes numbers and who can find a solution mathematically to every problem.

Vikram saves Cobra

Director Ajay Gnanamuthu’s eagerly awaited action thriller Cobra, starring Chiyaan Vikram in the lead was released in theatres on Wednesday, August 31. In the movie, Vikram plays a role of a brainiac who breathes numbers every single second of his life and who can find a solution mathematically to every problem.


Vikram plays the titular character of Cobra in the film and his real name is Mathie, a maths teacher. The film takes off as an assassination thriller where a series of high-profile murders are committed by a mystery man. The Chief Minister of an Indian State and the Prince of Scotland are assassinated in a quick row. The dreaded assassin is now hunting for the head of the Russian Defence Minister in Russia.

After the film hit the screens, fans from all over have been busy posting their reviews on their Twitter handles, many of them unable to hold on till the film ends. Responses have been mixed with some praising the film, while some expressing disappointment with the story. However, Vikram’s performance has been undoubtedly praised, with some suggesting that the movie works only because of Vikram. Take a look at some of the reviews.

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