10 Class Performances By Ramesh Aravind Which Are Simply A Treat To Watch


Ramesh Aravind, the dream boy or hero of both class and mass audiences, even to this day is the same with no difference in his enticing charm, style, fitness, and skills. Along with being a brilliant actor, he is a wonderful human being, husband and father. He records a fantabulous career spanning more than 30 years and around 140 movies to his kitty in various languages. Ramesh holds a special place in sandalwood, raising the bars of Indian cinema and setting high levels of standards. Being the heartthrob of Karnataka, he is simply known for his professionalism, hard work and unique personality. Here we are with the ten best movies of Ramesh Aravind which are a must-watch. 

Amrutha Varshini

(1997 – Ramesh Aravind, Suhasini, Sharath Babu)

This is one of the epic cinemas in the history of Kannada film industry. Kudos to all the actors in the movie for making it so special, but of course Ramesh Arvind is the highlight. The mix of emotions, the mental trauma he undergoes, surrendering to his negativity etc are all so intensely depicted which brings any class of audience to sheer endorsement and make us re-live the relative instances in our life if any. He has, of course, won numerous awards for the movie, but majorly won the hearts and minds of all Kannadigas. If you still haven’t watched it, and you love the choice of classy movies then you should quickly go and grab one of the best movies of Sandalwood ever.

ramesh aravind

Nammura Mandara Hoove

(1997 – Shivrajkumar, Ramesh, Prema)

Ramesh as a patho lover boy has put up some phenomenal acting which was loved, praised and celebrated by every Kannadiga. Ramesh’s Contribution to the movie is on another level, the cuteness and innocence portrayed in the role of an extremely pious brahmin lover boy are simply commendable. Winning many awards, the cinema holds a special place in the hearts of all selective cinema lovers. If you have missed watching this, then you have really missed a spectacular Kannada movie.

ramesh aravind

America America

(1995 – Ramesh Aravind, Akshay Anand, and Hema Panchamukhi)

Ramesh is again one of the heart-broken loverboys who hides in himself the love he owes to his beloved and also leaves us with a message of the extreme sacrifices one could offer to real love!. Preeti madhura, tyaga amara (love is sweet but the sacrifice is mortality) is what Ramesh exceptionally delivers to all classes of society and of course, leaves the movie with a huge impact on the viewers with people simply becoming his die-hard fans.

ramesh aravind

Chandra Mukhi Prana Sakhi

(1999 – Ramesh Aravind, Bhavana, Prema)

Ramesh Aravind as one of the best actors has most of his roles being played as the cute lover boy, but this movie has a climax of a success story in the end. The movie has the teenage girl fantasies portrayed on priority, and contributions of Ramesh to the same is commendable. The story is very appealing and a unique one which has set a special standard in the field of Kannada cinemas. A must watch to all the young ladies out there.

ramesh aravind


(2004 – Vishnu Vardhan, Ramesh Aravind, Soundarya, Prema)

An iconic movie which gained extreme popularity worldwide and brought about a revolution in the field of Kannada cinemas. The Nagavalli character is simply so common across all age groups, right from kids performing the role in fancy dress competitions to novels written on it. Aptamitra broke all norms and monotony and put forth some exceptional dance drama and music and flaunted high in-demand with a remake in more than 4 different languages. Ramesh Arvind, as usual, raises the bar of action and performance in the movie leaving it a remarkable one for the generations to come.

ramesh aravind

Panchama Veda

(1990 – Ramesh Aravind, Sudharani and Ramakrishna)

Panchama Veda is an Indian Kannada romantic drama carving a niche for itself in the ’90s. The film was critically acclaimed and won multiple awards at the Karnataka State Film Awards. It was remade in Telugu as well. The film is all about a family welcoming Ramesh as their new guest, but with the girl of the family falling in love with him, the movie showcases some excellent social, ethical and moralistic aspects of the society which has again been outstandingly accomplished by the super talented actor ever.

ramesh aravind

O Mallige

(1997 – Ramesh Aravind, Charulatha, Chaitali, Zulfi Syed)

Ramesh the usual ‘good boy’ in all the movies, again crowns himself with some marvelous dramatics. The picturization of him taking care of his lucky charm Mallige is heart touching which indeed looks like he himself possesses a heart like Mallige (soft and tender). The movie claims to have been personal favorites of everybody who in the real sense had to come across women with mentally unstable conditions. It was one of the highest-grossing films in the late ’90s.

ramesh aravind

Hoo Male

(1998 – Ramesh, Suman Nagarkar, H. G. Dattatreya, B. V. Radha, Ashwath)

In a remote part of India, with terrorism forming the backdrop, the story depicts emotions such as love, solitude, violence and family values highlighting the difference between peace and violence. This message has been carried out by this most versatile actor with extreme class, excellence, and responsibility. Ramesh as always owns his awesome handsome looks leaving people crazy. The film was highly appraised by critics upon release and went on to win many awards and accolades including the much coveted National Film award.

ramesh aravind

Pushpaka Vimana

(2017 – Ramesh Aravind, Rachita Ram, and Baby Yuvina)

Ramesh is the heart of this movie. He solely lifted the story as a father and baby yuvina is the charm of the movie. Looks like he has given his 200% for his 100th movie. Prominent Bollywood actress Juhi Chawla is seen in a song sequence, marking her re-entry to Kannada films after 18 years. The film’s title is borrowed from the 1987 silent film of the same name which starred Kamal Hassan and Amala. A must watch if you still haven’t.

ramesh aravind

Rama Shama Bhama

(2005 – Ramesh Aravind, Kamal Haasan, Urvasi, Shruthi, Daisy Bopanna)

This movie observes Ramesh as a brilliant director too. His comedy timing and expressions are unique. Ramesh not just by playing his popular roles like the hero or the lover boy or the sacrificer of love has made a mark in the movies. But his contribution to the industry as a comedian or a director is immense. The movie with its main theme comedy genre will make you laugh your hearts out with some extraordinary humourous skills portrayed by the astonishing actor and the co-artists. Ramesh with this movie truly proves his versatility over and over again.

ramesh aravind

Ramesh Aravind, actor, filmmaker, and a television presenter predominantly worked in Kannada and is one of the finest actors the South Indian film industry has ever witnessed. So, in case if you want to catch up Ramesh Arvind’s classic Kannada hits then these are some of his greatest works which we highly recommend you to not miss on watching. 

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