Cine Records Created by Raajakumara, Last Year’s Blockbuster Cinema of KFI


On March 24th, Raajakumara completed one year of its release and still its charm is as strong as the Hawa it created in the lanes of Gandhinagar. With power star Puneeth Rajkumar in the lead role, this movie continued to hit the emotions of every Cinema lover in the state to become one of the most loved movies of the year. It became a landmark movie for Puneeth Rajkumar and a second straight hit for the director Santosh Anandaram. A story which highlighted the importance of relationships in the life with subtle and engrossing performances, Raajakumara became an Industry hit and created a milepost in the history of KFI. So, in line with Raajakumara completing one glorious year, let us take a look at the records created by the movie on today’s read.

Raajakumara is the first movie to see 1000 displays in a Week

From release to its first six weeks, Raajakumara saw 6000 displays in Multiplexes meaning 1000 displays per week. This is a milestone and no other Kannada movie had achieved this feat before.


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100 Days in 45-50 Centers

This is a rare sight as most of the today’s movies are struggling to hit 25 days or 50 days mark. In this context, Raajakumara has completed 100 days in 45-50 centers of Karnataka including Single screen theaters and multiplexes.raajakumara movie

No.1 in Collection with Rs.75 Crores

If a movie is declared as a blockbuster then its collection matters a lot. Raajakumara will continue to roar but if we take last year’s collection then the movie has made Rs.75 crore in the collection. This is a milestone in the industry and without a second thought, the movie deserved all the accolades.


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raajakumara puneeth rajkumar

‘Gombe Helutaite’ is the second most watched Kannada Song on Youtube

When we speak about Raajakumara movie then we cannot hold ourselves back to mention about ‘Gomba Helutaite’ song. Penned by Santosh Anandaram, this musical piece in the voice of Vijay Prakash became the darling song of Kannada industry and there is no exaggeration to it. Gomba Helutaite ruled Youtube for so many days at #1 position and today, it is the second most watched Kannada song on Youtube. Thanks to Hari Krishna for recreating the magic of Dr.Rajkumar’s Aadisi Nodu without overriding the emotions involved.


Highest on Multiplexes

In the time where Kannada movies are struggling to get their space in Multiplexes, Raajakumara got displayed for 87 days with 7577 houseful shows across the state. This is one more milestone in Multiplex Cinema arena as far as KFI is considered.


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TV Rights and TRP

After its successful journey on Silver screen, Raajakumara’s TV rights got sold for a huge amount. The movie bagged highest TRP for the channel which is a testament to its prowess and popularity. With this Raajakumara joined the club of Dodd Mane Hudga, Kirik Party, Chakravarthy, and Masterpiece.


So, these were the few records created by Raajakumara. Do you have anything to share about this movie? If yes then please let us know in the comments below.


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