Famously Known As ‘Chota Ladakh’, This Beautiful Off-Beat Spot Is Just 60 km Away from Bengaluru

chota ladakh
Credits: Tripoto

After a strenuous week of being stuck in traffic for long hours and a few more hours in front of your laptops, you deserve a weekend that is enjoyable and refreshing at the same time. Well, a wise idea would be to break yourself away from the shackles of this city and explore places beyond the boundaries of Namma Bengaluru.

Although a long weekend would suit for a trip to a Kodaikanal or an Ooty, the regular 2-day weekends might ask you for a shorter destination from the city. And if this destination is as short as 60 km, it would be better as your plans for a Saturday-night Beer Party wouldn’t be harmed in the process.

We are not speaking about the Nandi Hills but about a spot that is close to this heavily crowded weekend destination. Relatively less explored, this spot at around 60 km from the city could as well get you to banish the monotonous plan for a trip to Nandi Hills.

chota ladakh
Credits: Tripoto

The Chota Ladakh or the Mini Ladakh

Called as the ‘Chota Ladakh’ or the ‘Mini Ladakh’, this place is located on the way to Kolar from Bengaluru. Hence, if you are taking the Old Madras Road, you will have to cross KR Puram and Hoskote to reach this destination. Depending on when you start your travel, you can stop at the ‘Darshini’s that are located in KR Puram or at the CCD and the Empire restaurant which are present on the highway to Kolar for your lunch/coffee.

After the Empire restaurant, if you travel a few kilometers further, you will come across a signboard signaling that you have arrived at a small village called Kendatti or Arambikothaur. You should now take a U-Turn for until a kilometer before the road ends.
Although the place is banned for visitors, there are still many who frequent this place. You can reach this destination if you travel for another 1000 meters until you can see the arch which announces the name of the village in Kannada.

Do take the help of villagers before you park your vehicles and set foot for a short walk towards the destination on the correct road.

chota ladakh
Credits: Tripoto

The White Stone and the Monsoon waters

A quarry that has been dug deep, this space has collected water during the monsoons and thereby turned this place into a beautiful spot for nature lovers. The clean water and the white rocks have made people refer to this place as ‘Chota Ladhak’. The view around this quarry is amazing, especially if you arrive here early in the morning.

chota ladakh

Although all the options to reach the bottom of the quarry are closed, the view from the top in itself makes this trip a worthy ride. However, there have been cases of accidents at this place before and hence, stay careful while exploring this beautiful spot. Swimming in this water is also not recommended by the villagers.

Overall, such a beautiful destination at just 60 km from Bengaluru is a bargain and it cannot be missed, mainly during the monsoons.




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