Chiranjeevi Sarja: Shock And Despair; Gone Too Soon

On Sunday, Sandalwood was served an irreplaceable loss, the death of young actor Chiranjeevi Sarja. Just 39 years old, the actor succumbed to a massive heart attack on Sunday afternoon.

A promising actor

Nephew of multi-lingual actor Arjun Sarja, Chiranjeevi marked his entry into films, amidst much fanfare, in 2009 with the movie Vayuputra. Since then, Chiru, as he is fondly called by his fans and industry people, acted in 22 movies and entertained his massive fanbase.


Although he did go through the regular ups and downs of an actor’s life, Chiranjeevi always excelled in his job and looked set for a long and successful career. However, all of it met an untimely end yesterday.


Chiru died of a heart attack

Chiranjeevi Sarja complained of breathlessness and convulsions before he collapsed at his home on Sunday. He was taken in an unresponsive state, by his brother Dhruva Sarja. to the Apollo Hospital in Jayanagar. Although the doctors tried to revive him, they lost Chiranjeevi at around 4 pm on Sunday.

The news met with shock and disbelief in the industry, and across the state. Absolutely no one had expected to hear such news, and rightly so. Having rung in his second marriage anniversary just a few months ago, Chiru and his wife Meghana Raj were expecting their first baby. The couple had even sought the blessings of the elders in the industry.


The final rites of Chiranjeevi Sarja were conducted by his father at his family’s farmhouse in Kanakapura. Most of the industry members and the actor’s fans were in attendance.

Well, it is a life that met an end very abruptly. We can just hope that the Sarja family and Meghana Raj are blessed with the strength to bear this loss.