Chiranjeevi Sarja Had Signed To Act In Four Films After The Lockdown

Chiranjeevi Sarja’s passing away has led to an irreplaceable loss in the Kannada Film Industry. Coming from a prominent film in the industry, Chiru was well-known amongst the industry folks.

Chiru had signed 4 films

Chiranjeevi Sarja reportedly had signed 4 films to act post the lockdown. The four movies are Ranam, April, Jugari Cross, and Kshathreeya. Considered as a minimum-guarantee hero in the industry, Chiranjeevi had made his own space in Sandalwood.


Before the nation-wide lockdown was announced, Chiru’s movie ‘Shivarjuna’ had hit the theatres. The movie could not complete its theatrical run, and the movie was stipulated for a re-release post lockdown.

Chiru had a desire to act along with his brother, Dhruva Sarja, in a movie. He even wanted to act alongside his uncle Arjun Sarja in a film.

Jaggesh reveals his role in Chiru-Meghana’s marriage

Chiru was very close to Actor Jaggesh, who chose to reveal a few details about Chiru and Meghana’s marriage. Jaggesh revealed that one night, at around 11 pm, Chiranjeevi Sarja called to his mobile. Although the ‘Mata’ actor was furious as someone was calling at an odd time, he soon cooled down after listening to Chiru’s request.


Chiru said to Jaggesh that he and Meghana were in love, and wanted to marry. Chiru further requested Jaggesh to convince Meghana’s parents regarding the alliance. Jaggesh took the matter to Meghana’s father – Sunder Raj. Jaggesh managed to convince Meghana’s parents and even referred his astrologer-friend Prakash Ammanya to the family.

Jaggesh was also present while Meghana and Chiru’s horoscope was being consulted with the astrologer. The astrologer said that there was a ‘Kuja Dosha’ in Chiru’s horoscope and after a few ‘Puja’s’, they can go ahead with the marriage. However, Jaggesh has revealed that, following the consultation with the astrologer, he did not hear anything about the ‘Puja’s’ that the astrologer had recommended.

Well, it is a difficult and pointless topic to discuss Jaggesh’s revelation right now. We can just hope that Chiranjeevi Sarja’s family and Meghana Raj are blessed with the strength to go bear the loss.


Source: Filmibeat