Chinese Companies Alibaba, Tik-Tok, Are Among The Major Who Have Emerged As Donors In COVID-19


As the coronavirus situation starts to become grim, the world’s richest Chinese Jack ma has become one of the biggest donors during the pandemic.

The founder of the Alibaba Group and a member of the ruling communist party in China, Jack ma donated a thousand ventilators to New York City in the month of April. The foundation of Jack ma is also donating ventilators, masks, and other supplies to countries in Africa Latin America, and Asia. This also marks the debut of Chinese business class in the global humanitarian donations. Along with Alibaba other Chinese companies and the members of the business Elite are coming forward to donate millions of medical supplies food and cash to many countries in the world.


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Courtesy: Alizila

Social media application tik tok which was recently criticized for its explicit content as promised 250 million dollars to health workers and others who were affected by the coronavirus outbreak. The operator of the popular Chinese messaging app WeChat Tencent has also promised a hundred million dollars and also I said that it has donated masks and other protective gear to 15 countries in the world including the United States. Other Chinese companies that have come forward to help the world include Lenovo Haier smart home and BYD auto.

However, even American companies like Walmart and Amazon have also provided medical supplies and money to Africa and India. The Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has promised 1 billion dollars as donations to countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and as well as the United States of America.

An Attempt To Repair The Image?

The philanthrope work in China has grown with its economy but has always been focused at home and other countries which it had good relations with. With this Chinese relations, China can overturn or repair its image and gain credibility for its work in the coronavirus pandemic.


Off late, the Chinese Government has been under the scanner for their alleged mismanagement of the coronavirus pandemic. Along with the United States of America and the United Kingdom, many other countries too are pushing for the Chinese to pay reparations because of the massive economic damage the pandemic has caused.

Source: Free Press Journal