Chinese Attempting To Capture Entire Galwan Valley; Deploys Additional Troops

As talks of de-escalation continue to happen on both sides of the border, it is now being reported that Chinese forces have brought in several soldiers and artillery to the Galwan Valley.

The first round of de-escalation talks happened on Wednesday at the Major General-level to defuse the situation without further escalation. More talks are slated to happen soon. But, the situation on the ground remains grim. As per sources, despite the talks that the two sides would move back two kilometers, the Chinese side has deployed additional troops on the Indian territory near Patrol Point.


According to another report by NDTV, the Chinese forces have brought in bulldozers into action on their side of the line of actual control. As per the report, the attempt is to block or disturb the flow of the Galwan river into the Northeastern part of Ladakh which is a kilometer away from where the face-off took place. The report further states that the flow of river perceptibly changes from flowing blue waters into a small muddy stream that soon becomes imperceptible as it crossed the line of actual control.

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Chinese Attempting To Capture Entire Galwan Valley

The Satelite images show a herd of vehicles that are used to transport troops and heavy construction equipment. The Satellite imagery expert Colonel Vinayak Bhat, who is now retired, the images indicate at least one combined arms brigade has been deployed along the Galwan River and will only increase the build-up.

As per a report in Economic Times, the Chinese troops have intruded at least 3 kilometers inside the Galwan area that potentially threatens the strategi Darbuk-Shyok-Daulat Bag Oldie road. According to Colonel Bhat, the Chinese may be looking to capture the entire Galwan valley.


On Monday night, the two military forces clashed at the Galwan valley in which 20 Indian army personnel were killed. Even as the Chinese media has acknowledged casualties on the Chinese side, there haven’t been the exact numbers reported yet. The escalation on Monday is unprecedented as it was the biggest confrontation between the two forces since the 1967 clash in Nathu La when the Indian forces lost 80 soldiers while the Chinese lost 300 of its army personnel.


Source: Economic Times