China Mocks US Again Sharing A Video Of Taliban Militants Turning American Planes Into Swings- See Video

Taliban’s entry into Kabul had not only been beneficial to them but also opened doors for other opposition leaders of the world. China being on the top of the list has once again poked the US with a video where Taliban militants have been swinging on the wings of US planes. Earlier China had extended their support in recognizing Taliban as an organization and Taliban did revert back their support requesting to build their country.

China Once Again Poked The US

China leaves no stone unturned to show the US down. In a video, China made fun of the US, where Taliban militants are having fun after turning American planes into swings. Chinese government spokesperson Lijian Zhao shared a video on Twitter to poke fun at the US.



Taliban militants celebrating post victory on toy cars and war tanks

“The graveyard of empires and their war machines. Taliban have turned their planes into swings and toys,” he wrote along with the video. Earlier the Chinese foreign minister had mocked the US while they left the country and now here comes another statement where China had openly mocked the US via twitter.

China Extended Their Support

The Chinese Foreign Ministry had said, “We stand ready to maintain communication with the new Afghan government and leaders.” The United States Army completed their withdrawal from Afghanistan on August 30, marking the end of the 2001–2021 war in Afghanistan.

Well it’s a matter of real consideration that Afghanistan still remains as a land where no empire could plunge their roots for a long time. Even the Mughals, Russians and now the US had been running with their backs off. And now countries like China are seeking an opportunity to take control over Afghanistan as it is a geopolitically very very sensitive location.