China hopes India won’t call COVID-19 “China Virus”

With COVID 19 has also come a wave of racism against China, where people are now targetting Chinese people calling coronavirus the “Chinese virus”. It did not help that US President Donald Trump also called it the Chinese Virus in a press conference last week.

Keeping that in mind, during a phone conversation, China’s foreign minister Wang Yi asked Indian foreign minister S Jaishankar if India was opposed to the idea of COVID19 being called the Chinese In the conversation, it was quite clear that China hoped India was “opposed” to the “narrow mindset” of using the phrase “China virus” for coronavirus.


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Coronavirus 2019 originated in Wuhan, China in a “wet market” which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. So far, there are 428,220 cases of coronavirus in the world with 19,100 deaths. It has taken the shape of a pandemic affecting more than 75 countries in the world.