This 16-YO Kid From Bengaluru Has Won Gold Medals in Karate And Passed Out With Flying Colors in her CBSE Exams.


Come exams and you will see all the children engaged in studies. The parents too want their kids to focus on the examination and stop playing sports because they believe that the children are wasting time playing. But there are a few children who prove that success in both sports and studies is possible simultaneously if things are planned properly.

Meet N Chaitrashree from Bengaluru for whom the passion for sports and studies go hand-in-hand. The 16-year-old teenager successfully juggled between both studies and sports and excelled in both the fields.

Chaitrashree Wins Two Gold Medals

The young girl won two gold medals at the recently held 1st All India Invitational Karate Championships wherein hundreds of kids participated. Chaitrashree participated in the national level tournament of age group between 12 to16 years.

Her father, Narayan HN is a garage mechanic. He enrolled Chaitrashree in the karate class in 2010 so that she can learn self-defense. Apart from karate, she also passed out with flying colors in her tenth CBSE exams.

As she started learning karate, gradually, the girl showed that she was quite talented in this field and over the years have shown exponential growth. Recognitions came her way when she won a gold medal at the 22nd SKDUN World Shotokan Karate Championship at Dabrowa Gornicza, Poland in 2014. Despite financial problems, her family arranged funds by taking loans from friends so that she can participate in Poland.

Chaitrashree Is A Prodigy, Says Her Coach  

Geeta Narayana, the proudly beaming mother of Chaitrashee said, “Everything that Chaitra has achieved till now is the result of her own efforts. She would decide to participate and win in a championship and would just do it. She has immense confidence and we just give her moral support. Her father is her greatest inspiration.”

Geeta further added, “She is a very disciplined and focused child and does great academically as well, without the help of any tuitions or coachings.” Chaitra already has a black belt 2 to her name. She has been undergoing training at the Japan Shotokan Karate-Do India class for nine years.

The gold medalist is getting invitations for participating in various tournaments and she also keeps on searching for more such options online. According to Sensei Mahalakshmi, one of her coaches, Chaitra is a child prodigy. Mahalakshmi says, “She is a fantastic child. She concentrates on whatever I teach her and puts in a lot of hard work. She is very keen on gaining knowledge.”




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