10 Reasons That Made Sundar Pichai The CEO Of Google

ceo of google

The appointment of Sunder Pichai as the CEO of Google shocked many because until then many looked upon the company as an extension of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Prior to this announcement, Pichai served as the head of product and engineering at Google. The need for a new CEO for Google arose because the duo launched a new formation, Alphabet.

Larry Page is the CEO of this parent company of Google whereas Brin will be the president. Now all the core internet business services including Google X, IoT subsidiaries such as Nest, and healthcare groups such as Life Sciences and Calico will be a part of Google. The company intends to focus on internet products now such as Chrome, Apps, Android, Maps, Search and YouTube.

That is why Google needed a new CEO. But why was Sundar Pichai the unanimously accepted choice? Here are the top 10 reasons:

ceo of google

Jack Of All Trade

It is important that a CEO must have a bit of knowledge about every work that goes within his company. He must have a good understanding of various other functions carried out in his organization including Law, Sales, Marketing, Design, Programming, Customer Support and more. Mr. Pichai has a reputation of going to the extra length and encourages his employees to complete the things according to his wish.

2. A Great Visionary

It is important for a CEO to be an inspiration to his team, a visionary who knows where to say yes and where to stop his employees. Since business is mostly about how you deal with people and respect them, such big leaders can only ideally lead a big company like Google. And Mr. Pichai with all his leadership and visionary qualities is just a perfect match as the CEO of Google.

ceo of google

3. Headed Major Projects

Pichai served as the head of product management and engineering for most of the big time products as Larry Page decided to focus entirely on moonshot projects. Pichai was making all the big calls for Android, YouTube, Chrome, Apps, Search, and Maps. So, in a way, he was already working as a replacement for Page.

4. Most Versatile Executives

Pichai has a shrewd instinct that comes into play when making decisions for internet and other products. As the most versatile executives in the IT industry, coupled with his business savvy quality there could have been no one better than Pichai to take over Larry Page in Google.

ceo of google

5. Most Trusted Leader

Since 2012, Mr. Pichai took over as the head of Chrome. As the core team of vice presidents including Andy Rubin, Vic Gundotra, Nikesh Arora and more became less significant, the IIT-Kharagpur graduate emerged as the single lord of two operating systems of Google-Android and Chrome. By 2014 he was the only most influential executive in the company as he looked after all the working related to engineering and product management.

6. Passion For Success

Mr. Pichai is very much passionate about his success and is always ready to push his limits as well as his employees. He likes to encourage people to come out of comfort zone and play hard.

ceo of google

7. Key Player

Over the years, many big players left Google. Pichai has been with the company for more than a decade. He was the key player in the development of most of the internet products from Google including Google Drive, Google Maps, Android, Gmail, and Chrome.

8. Tremendous Faith Of Larry Page

Due to his enormous contribution, Larry Page trusts Mr. Pichai tremendously. That is the reason despite internal competition for the post of CEO of Google, he selected Sundar Pichai to take his place.

ceo of google

9. Focused On Emerging Markets

One thing that made him outlast and stand apart from the rest of his colleagues at Google is his focus on emerging markets. Under Pichai Google came out with Android One, conceived Chrome OS and YouTube is now available offline.

10. Progressive Approach

Mr. Pichai holds a progressive approach towards everything. He even rejigged Google + as one of its powerful photo tools. He made the platform one of the best free photos solution available on iOS and Android.

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