Centre’s Intentions Behind Farm Laws Are As Pure As Gangajal: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said decades of deceit make farmers apprehensive but now there is no deceit, work is being done with intentions “as pure as Gangajal”.

Criticizing the opposition, he said earlier the decisions of the government were opposed but now the criticism is based on mere apprehensions. He said confusion is spread in society about what has not happened yet, which will never happen. He said these are the same people who have consistently tricked the farmers for decades.


The Prime Minister said that the ones misleading the farmers on the farm laws are the same people who used to raise questions about PM Kisan Samman Nidhi, spreading the rumor that this money is being given in view of the elections and after the election the same money will have to be given back with interest.

He added that in a state, where the opposition government is there, due to its political interest, farmers are not allowed to take advantage of this scheme. He said assistance is being provided directly to the bank accounts of more than 10 crore farmer families of the country. So far, about 1 lakh crore rupees have been reached to the farmers.

He remarked that the truth of those who spread illusions on the basis of mere apprehensions is being constantly exposed before the country.


“When farmers understand their lies, then they start spreading lies on another subject. The government is also constantly answering those farmer families who still have some concerns,” said the prime minister.

He expressed confidence that those farmers who have some doubts on agricultural reforms today, will also take advantage of these agricultural reforms in future and increase their income.

‘Reforms in the interest of farmers’


“Reforms are being done in the interest of farmers, which will give them more options. Shouldn’t a farmer get the freedom to sell his produce directly to those who give them better prices and facilities?” Prime Minister Modi asked.

Speaking on the ocassion, the prime minister cited an example of how the farmers are benefiting from the government’s efforts and modern infrastructure. He said black rice was introduced 2 years ago in Chandauli to increase the income of the farmers. Last year, a farmer committee was formed and around 400 farmers were given this rice to grow in the Kharif season. While normal rice sells for Rs 35-40 a kg, this black rice was sold for up to Rs 300 a kg. For the first time, this rice has been exported to Australia, that too at the rate of around Rs. 800 per kg.

Source: Free Press Journal