Celebrity hairstylist Jawed Habib spits on a woman’s head while giving a haircut!

Jawed Habib, one of the most popular hairstylists in the country who could be easily referred to as a celebrity hairstylist is a part of a Twitter controversy! The video of him spitting on a woman’s head has gone viral!

This event or a seminar was held at Muzzafarnagar in Uttar Pradesh where Jawed Habib taught hairstyling live, to his audience. In this video, he can be seen spitting on her head not once but twice for a reason that whenever there is a lack of water, spit can come in handy. He is also seen saying “iss thook mein Jaan hai” meaning this spit has life in it! In response to this, the people are seeing clapping and cheering.


After the video has gone viral, netizens have taken it too personally shaming him and his brand outrightly on Twitter. What is more catchy is how the Woman, whose head he spat on has come into the limelight. She has given a statement that this was a deliberate work by Habib. Watch video:

She claims that Habib did this on purpose because she kept questioning him about the things he was teaching. He also claims that he manhandled her. She says he asked her to keep quiet as he is superior to her, in the sense he runs 900 salons and she runs just one!

Post this, the rage of netizens has gone up, here are some reactions:


Jawed Habib operates over 850 salons and 65 hair academies across the country. He belongs to a family of hairstylists who has worked for the Governor Generals during the British rule and even the first PM Pandit Nehru. He holds several world records which include 410 nonstop haircuts 24 hours. He has also been featured in Forbes and the Times Magazine. He has also the brand ambassador for brands like Sunsilk and Panasonic.

He also joined the BJP in the year 2019.

Source: Wikipedia