Celebrity And Privileged Access Has Finally Made Kanika Kapoor To Test Negative, Discharged!

Singer Kanika Kapoor got discharged from Lucknow hospital after her sixth coronavirus test report comes negative. The entire incident of her getting diagnosed several times raised questions about whether such people are getting access to testing facilities that are denied to other normal citizens. Will being rich and famous help you get privileged access to medical facilities?

Kanika gets discharged

Kanika was tested positive for the virus, first time on March 20 and since then, she was being treated in Lucknow. Her fifth consecutive test reports showed her as coronavirus-positive, but for the sixth and the final time the result was negative. On Monday she was discharged from Sanjay Gandhi Postgraduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS).


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Earlier, in a statement on Instagram, which she later deleted, Kanika narrated how she developed signs of flu on her return from London. She claimed that she was unaware of the infection until she tested positive.

Privileged access to medical facilities

In recent times, many rich, famous and powerful people have been tested for the new coronavirus. As the list of such people grows by the day, so do questions about whether they are getting access to testing that is denied to other Indians.

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With testing kits still in short supply in several parts of the country, leaving health care workers and many sick people unable to get diagnoses, some notable personalities have had a far easier time getting diagnoses. Moreover, they have obtained tests quickly and quite several times, following some testing guidelines.


Special care

Since Kanika Kapoor was tested for the first time, there were hardly any testing kits available. Being known to that the testing is in short supply, the question arises why was there a need to test a person for 6 times within two weeks.

Not just that, Kanika Kapoor was provided the best that was possible in a particular hospital. She was even provided a Gluten-Free Diet from Hospital Kitchen. Furthermore, the facility provided to her was an isolated room with a toilet, patient-bed and a television. Maximum care was taken to the actress and for ‘God knows why’.

Kanika kapoor

Such cases have provoked accusations of ‘favored’ treatment about a testing system that has already been disturbed with delays and confusion, and now stirred a new public debate as to why are celebrities treated more discreetly.


Troubles are not yet over

Kanika’s problems, however, are likely to increase after she is discharged from the hospital. Three FIRs have been filed against Kanika on charges of negligence for attending various social events in the city despite being infected with coronavirus and having been instructed by the authorities to isolate herself at her home.

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Kanika traveled to Mumbai from the UK on March 9 and then flew to Lucknow, where she attended several public events and high-profile parties. She was criticized heavily for not self-isolating despite testing having a travel history.

She has been booked under Sections 188, 269, and 270 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) at Sarojini Nagar police station in the city.