Catchy One-Liners And Memes Add Humorous Tone To Karnataka Elections – Highlight being Nikhil Ellidiyappa!

karnataka elections memes

As the political environment in the country gears up, reactions and responses on social media are also drawing a lot of attention. Mudslinging, accusations and bitchy fights at the rallies are the common things. But the evolution of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and mobile apps have entirely given a new dimension to the overall election scenario.

Social Media Flooded With Jokes And Catchy-One Liners

Political memes have been around for some time. But catchy-one liners and jokes have become more prominent as the campaigning for Karnataka elections is heating up. Interestingly, these one-liners and jokes are being bombarded through chat apps on Smartphones.

Of course, some of these messages have been created by the opposition parties to put the other party in bad light. However, there are a few very interesting jokes and memes that are coming from non-political young sources.

One of the memes that include Chief Minister of Karnataka, HD Kumaraswamy shows him calling his son, Nikhil, yellidiyappa? (Nikhil, where are you?) and the latter responding saying “Appa, ninna mathu thaathana preethso janara madhya idini; Dad, I am in the middle of people who love you and grandfather Deve Gowda)”.

karnataka elections memes

Incidentally, it is a part of the audio and music launch of the debut movie of Nikhil called Jaguar that came in 2016. But now it has become a social media sensation in a clearly different way. You can find more than a dozen memes similar to this being circulated on social media. The memes started making rounds after Nikhil declared his decision to contest LS seat from Mandya.

Siddaramaiah And Eshwarappa Are Most Popular Among Meme-makers

The leader of BJP, KS Eshwarappa and the former CM Siddaramaiah are highly popular among the meme-makers. The recent statement by Siddaramaiah saying that the people sporting tilaks scare him is one of the most popularly used comments for making memes and jokes.

Similarly, Eshwarappa’s comment on HD Deve Gowda, the former Indian Prime Minister is also a hot favorite among the meme-makers. Eshwarappa made a comment that if the supremo of JD had 28 sons he would have asked them to contest all of 28 constituencies.

karnataka elections memes

Yeddyurappa’s Meme And Air Surgical Strike

Another hot favorite on WhatsApp groups are the memes of BS Yeddyurappa, the chief of BJP. In this meme, Yeddyurappa is shown saying that the air surgical strike in Pakistan will be instrumental in making BJP win all the 28 LS seats in Karnataka elections. The meme links the historic win of the cricket team of India in Australia followed by India’s loss in the series.

It seems that some of the best standup comedians around have also started putting in their creative minds for mocking various politicians including the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His trademark dialogues such as “Mitron” and “Bhaiyo aur Behno” and gaffes of AICC president Rahul Gandhi during the speeches are also being used in the popular memes.

Also, there is one funny video making a round on the Kannada news channel that shows an old man being asked whom he likes between Modi and Rahul. The old man answers that he does not like either of these two but only likes his wife.

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