“Catch Me If You Can”, Leopards are playing ‘Hide and Seek’ in Bengaluru, Officials are still Clueless

Special forest personnel has been searching the city’s southern and northern parts for leopards, but the big cats sighted in the areas over the last four days have remained undetected so far.

Missing leopards 

Following leopard sightings on the outskirts of Bengaluru, the police have increased surveillance and are coordinating with forest officials. Police said special instructions have been issued to night patrol personnel working in police stations that have jurisdiction over areas attached to forest patches.


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Over the last week, three leopards were spotted in the southern part of the city. One each in Turahalli and Kengeri and an area near the boundary of Ramanagara, reported Deccan Herald.

“Sighting of leopards in areas around the district boundary with Ramanagara is common. We have placed a cage near Turahalli and another on the Kengeri side.


“Two special teams have been set up to monitor the animals’ movements. About 25 people are on the ground for the last three days but the leopards are not to be found,” an official said.


Search operation

Foresters in Bengaluru’s north range searched the entire ITC factory premises, including the adjoining plantation area.

“We couldn’t find the animal. Assuming that there is a plantation and a lake nearby, the leopard may have found a helpful habitat,” another official stated.

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A range forest officer said Turahalli was once a natural habitat for leopards, which also prowled parts of Kengeri that were connected with the adjoining forest areas.


“Leopards are common in Bengaluru south. There are rare incidents of cattle kills but attacks on humans are nil. What’s new is the CCTV cameras attached to the new apartments that have come up in recent years,” the officer said.