Bengaluru Gets A Park Of Vintage Cars And It Is The First Ever Car Park in the State

car park

There is going to be a new park in Bommanahalli. If you’re wondering why a new park would create such a buzz, wonder no more. It is a car park which shall house vintage cars. The initiative is by the Bommanahalli corporator Ram Mohan Raju. The park which is for kids is the first ever car park in our state.

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An Innovative Park in the City 

Nine vintage cars from the 1940s to 1950’s period will be installed here. Some of these cars are the Chevrolet Bellair, Mercedez Benz MB-140, Chevrolet Master Deluxe, Austin-10, Ply Mouth, Triumph May Flower, Beetle, Morris-8 and the Morris Mini Van. There will also be cars which shall be arranged in an eye-catching manner on top of each other with cascades going as high as 120 ft.

The park will also have other interesting features such as stone sculptures and a sandpit for the kids. There will also be an amphitheater where performances by children can be witnessed and fostered. The park will also have interesting animal statues made from old car scraps and Kannada alphabets made from recycled materials. This shall hopefully teach children lessons of environmental conservation while kindling their interest.

car park

Vintage Car Cum Stone Park 

An enclosure for rabbits and turtles is also being planned. In addition to these facilities, the park will also provide a much-needed lung space. Greenery is harder to find nowadays in the Garden city and a resurgence of parks could help reclaim Bengaluru’s moniker.

It is hoped that the vintage car cum stone park will encourage kids to get outdoors more often. The park which encourages learning and artistic talents can displace the role gaming consoles and mobiles play in the life of children. The new generation barely sees sunlight or outdoor play which has led to a spurt in lifestyle diseases. Encouraging kids to play in parks would help them develop both physically and mentally. Obesity, diabetes, depression and other ailments must be combated with such measures.

The initiative by corporator Raju is set in a place where garbage dumping was once rampant. It had been supported by Bommanahalli legislator Satish Reddy and late Union Minister Ananth Kumar.

car park

Speaking to media, he said, ” This will definitely attract children and I wish to do more such things in Bommanahalli. Children are fond of cars and so I hope that a park of this kind encourages them to spend more time out of their mobile world.”

The park shall be inaugurated on 27th February by former deputy chief minister R Ashok and BBMP Mayor Gangambike Mallikarjun among others. Several other politicians from across party lines are expected to make their appearance felt in the event.

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