Top 10 Best Canvas Painting Ideas for Beginners


Painting is a form of art that we all love. Some love doing it, some love watching it, and some love admiring it. Being an artist is not everyone’s cup of tea, people say. But we say, you won’t know if you’re an artist unless you try your hands at it.

There are several canvas painting ideas for beginners available nowadays. Even if you have never touched a brush before, you can easily try out some of these techniques and get a beautiful result. You can make your own painting and hang it proudly in your house. A tip from our side: try using acrylic paints first, before moving on to the more difficult oil painting.

Check out these top 10 best canvas painting ideas for beginners and novices. Give them a try to wow your family and friends.

Learn to Paint a Flower

The best way to test your skill level and make a successful first attempt is to learn how to paint a flower. If you can master this exercise, consider yourself fit to move on to harder things. There are many step by step instructions available to help you paint a perfect flower.

If all goes well, you can move on to painting a bouquet or a flower vase. That would make a wonderful piece to hang in your drawing room or kitchen. It will perk up your room and add a touch of color to your walls. So, pick up a brush and paint your favorite flower.

Use Unconventional Painting Equipment

If you find handling brushes too difficult in the beginning, you can start with very basic but unconventional painting equipment from around the house. A piece of cardboard will help you spread the colors, stencils will help you make shapes with paint, and yarn will help create patterns in the paints’ distribution.

There are a million other things you can use to create abstract paintings. They don’t require expert skills but end up looking great on your wall. Once you get the hang of it, you can up your complexity level and try out fresh patterns. Additionally, they make perfect gifts for near and dear ones.

Balloon Canvas Painting

Balloons can do more than serve as decorations for birthday parties. You can use balloons to create art and end up with a masterpiece at your hands. All you need for this are paints and balloons, and you’re good to go.

Inflate the balloon to your desired size. You can use more than one balloon for this. Pour different combinations of paint on your palette; do not mix them. Let them form patterns and textures on their own. Dip the inflated end of the balloon in the paint combinations and put it in the canvas to create colorful shapes. You’ll love doing this and so will your kid.

Paint Your Favorite Quote

We all have our favorite quotes that inspire us. And what’s better than seeing those words in your own creation hanging in your room? You can create a beautiful showpiece with the quote on it and get a daily dose of inspiration.

All you have to do is stencil the words of your favorite quote and stick the letters to the canvas. Then take a pick of colors and paint the canvas with wide brush strokes. After you’ve taken a fill of the colors and made a beautiful backdrop, just remove the tape pieces and see the words shining amidst a background of your own creation.

Paint an Ocean

An ocean is a soothing concept for many, and to see the tranquil colors of the water hanging on your wall will give you a sense of peace of accomplishment. Moreover, painting the ocean is not as difficult as you think. So, it will make the perfect first project for a budding painter.

Just select the hues or blue and green you want to use for the water. Choose an appropriate shade for the sand and you will get a perfect horizon painting. Create the blue sky, lighter blue, and white for clouds, then create the sea, moving on to end with a touch of sand at the bottom. It will be a thing of beauty and joy to you forever.

Create Cool Stripes

If you’re not flowers or sea person, we still have great ideas for you. For your room or office, you can think about putting up a painting with simple stripes. Choose colors that match the color scheme of your room or go for a bold contrast. You can never go wrong with stripes.

Just draw the lines of the stripe with a pencil, choose your colors, and paint between the lines. You can paint evenly spaced stripes or go for whimsical measurements to give it a “professional painter” feel. Just go with your instincts and create a chic piece of art for your room.

Finger Painting

Finger painting is something we all learn in kindergarten. And it is a brilliant idea to be done on campus with acrylic paints. Don’t think that finger painting can restrict you. You can draw landscapes, peacock feathers, abstract art and many more things with your fingers.

The best thing about finger painting is that you have more control over the paint medium so you can regulate the strokes for best results. Start with simple flowers and designs, move on to more complex painting ideas, and don’t lose heart if you don’t get the desired results on the first go.

Paint Splatters

This is a kind of Do It Yourself (DIY) canvas painting idea that you can try out, but make sure you do this outside your house to avoid the mess. Splatter painting is a simple yet pretty concept that requires no overthought and very little skills. Moreover, you can have lots of fun doing it.

I’m sure you don’t need instructions on how to create a splatter painting. Just take the color of your choice on a brush and splatter it over the campus. You can use one color for a simple effect or mix it up with different colors to create a more eccentric design.

Use Wrapping Paper or Gold Foil

If you’re not satisfied with the simple effect of paints and colors, you can use a touch of sheen to your painting. As a beginner, you will be completely at home with gold foil or wrapping paper as the base of your painting.

If you decide to use wrapping paper, you can create patterns on top of it and make for a charming picture for your room. A gold foil, on the other hand, gives you more choice. You can use it to create a border between two colors and give the painting s solid texture with a bit of shine.

Stencil Painting

Although stencils can help you create different types of paintings, it can also serve as the sole base of your masterpiece. People who are not sure of their capability to draw shapes without help can buy stencils of their choice and go crazy with patterns.

Stencils can give your art a professional, geometric touch that is oddly soothing to the eyes. You can make full sceneries or just make do with patterns of your choice. This is something that even your toddler can try out. So, pick a stencil of your choice and go to town.

Taking a step forward towards becoming an artist is thought to be much appreciated. You will need all the inspiration you can have. Our best canvas painting ideas for beginners are at your disposal. You can try one or try all. Just don’t let your artistic instincts fade away and have loads of fun with your craft.



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