“Can’t Imagine Any Bollywood Actor Doing A Hindi Remake Of Kantara”- Rishab Shetty

Actor-filmmaker Rishab Shetty, riding high on the success of his latest Kantara, does not want to cash in on the remake trend. Rishab says since his Kannada film has already been dubbed in Hindi, there is no chance of a Hindi remake — and he isn’t even interested in one.

Kantara’s success in Hindi Belt

The Kannada film Kantara is going popular among audiences not just in Karnataka, but across the country. The film’s phenomenal success associated with the star crowd and critic reactions have made it a resounding success.


In an exclusive interview with the Times Of India, Kantara director, and actor reveals a lot about his film and the love his flick received throughout the Hindi belt.

“Now, audiences don’t bifurcate movies such as Bollywood, Sandalwood, and so forth anymore. People have a look at it as Indian cinema. Kantara is Kannada, regional, Indian cinema. The equivalent goes for Hindi cinema. People are crossing the language barrier and watching content material from all components of India. Every movie business has made an immense contribution to Indian cinema,” said Rishab Shetty.

A Hindi Remake

But if Kantara had been made in Hindi, who would be appropriate to play the character that he himself just performed?


“Since the movie has been dubbed in Hindi there’s no likelihood of a Hindi remake. And to play such characters you need to imagine the roots and tradition. There are many huge actors in the Hindi movie business whom I like. But I’m not in remakes.”

Acting for Bhoota Kola

The 39-year-old revealed that acting in the film was the toughest.

“Acting half was totally the hardest. Not as a result of expressing however the motion sequences. Especially the 50-60 kgs weight that I needed to carry through the Bhoota Kola sequence. I had stopped consuming non-veg 20-30 days earlier than capturing that sequence. After I was placed on the Bhoota Kola Alankar, I’d not eat something besides coconut water. They would give me a prasad earlier than and after doing the sequence. I’d collapse by the top of it. But I’d stand up in any other case the vitality of the individuals would drop down. I didn’t take into respect the difficulties I used to be capturing. Now that the media is asking about it, I’m speaking about it. The motion sequence of the place I’m getting crushed up by a firestick was actual. I was burnt. It was a painful shoot however the one factor in my thoughts was that I need to do it.”


Meanwhile, early estimates suggest that Kantara earned nearly Rs 3.80 to 4 crore on the third Sunday (October 30), which is higher than its previous records. The total collection of Kantara (Hindi) now stands at Rs 39.75 crore, a phenomenal record for a Kannada film, produced on a small budget.

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