Key BJP Campaigner For Smriti Irani Shot Dead In Amethi ; Family Blames Congress Workers

surendra singh

Surendra Singh, the former village head in Uttar Pradesh and the key campaigner of BJP from the same constituency was shot dead. He worked very closely with Smriti Irani during the campaigning of recently held LS Elections 2019 in which the ex-Union Minister defeated Rahul Gandhi.

BJP Campaigner From Amethi Shot At Home

The BJP  worker was attacked at his home and was immediately taken to Lucknow for treatment in serious condition. Unfortunately, he succumbed to injuries during the treatment. The police are yet to find out the cause behind the killing. The Superintendent of Police from Amethi, Rajesh Kumar said, “He was shot around 3 am. We’ve taken a few suspects into custody and the probe is on. It can be due to an old dispute or a political dispute.”


Prior to working as a campaigner for BJP in the Amethi elections, Surendra Singh was the head of the Baraulia Village. This particular village was adopted by the ex-defense minister Late Manohar Parrikar in 2015 under the Central Government scheme for rural development- Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojna. He resigned from the post of the village head to take part as a campaigner of BJP in this year’s general assembly elections.

Surendra Singh’s active participation and contribution in Lok Sabha campaign earned him praises from Smriti Irani during public meetings and in her speeches.

Surendra Singh’s Son Says Congress Supporters Did Not Like It

The son of Surendra Singh said, “My father was a close aide of Smriti Irani and would campaign for her day and night. After she was elected as the member of parliament from Amethi, a Vijay Yatra (victory procession) was carried out. I think some Congress supporters didn’t like it.”


It should be noted that Smriti Irani defeated the chief of Congress, Rahul Gandhi by more than 55,000 votes in Amethi. Since 1998, the constituency has been the bastion of Nehru-Gandhi family and hence loss of Rahul Gandhi was a major embarrassment for the family and Congress. One of the reasons for the win of Smriti Irani in the elections is that she was constantly in Amethi for the last three months.

She even visited the constituency regularly in the past five years. On the other hand, the Congress Supremo rarely visited Amethi, a constituency from which he has been winning entry into the parliament since 2004. Smriti Irani has left for Amethi where she will meet the family of Surendra Singh.

The police have detained two people and the investigation is underway. Whether the death of Surendra Singh has any connection with the election results or not needs to be seen and may have serious repercussions.