Cafe Noir, A Romantic Place in Bengaluru Ideal For Delightful Food And Great Conversations


The French know how to love. Everything they do seems to ooze sensuality. Their language, culture, and relationships are always romantic and appealing. The French language is rightly dubbed as the “Language of Love”. Paris is often called the love capital of the world as well. The passion and energy with which the French do things are often spoken of in poems, films, and novels. The café culture in France is also renowned. It is no surprise that they also have a distinct and amazing cuisine where the wine, cheese, and food blend seamlessly into delicious perfection.

With Valentine’s Day coming up, you might be wondering if you would need to travel all the way to France to have the perfect date. Worry not for we have you covered. We found a delightful piece of France in our very own Bengaluru at Cafe Noir.

cafe noir

The Ambience

The very air in this contemporary French restaurant is inviting and warm with gentle music. The open terrace is inviting and the bistro ambiance speaks of various aspects of French cities. The upscale restaurant is elegant and speaks the objective – “French Art De Vivre” or the French Art of Living.

cafe noir

The Best of French Cuisine

France is well known for its loaves of bread and baked products. The cakes and slices of bread here are second to none. Some of the popular pastries are the Millefeuille, choc Éclair, Tarte Tatin, Fraisier and the mousses of different varieties. The dessert of the month is always a favorite amongst regulars who love the style and surprise the dishes here have to offer.

The bread here speaks of authentic French-style baking with croissants and the various viennoiseries being the favorites during breakfast times. One cannot forget the quiche – a pastry crust filled with delightful flavors and surprises of meat, vegetables, cheese amongst other ingredients.

cafe noir

Meals and Tea Time

Café Noire serves English as well as French cuisine breakfasts along with other traditional fares. The bread here is always fresh and they clearly make their own bread. Even their burgers have the trademark bread that everybody loves. During tea times, you can enjoy waffles or pastries to go with your drink. The dinner choices are probably the best with the best of seafood, beef, lamb or chicken based dishes that go well with the wine. The Quiche Lorraine is a best seller here and for obvious reasons, once you have a taste of it.

The Month of Love

This month, to mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day, the restaurant has amazing deals and offers that shall make your mouth water. The special menu has an amazing range of dishes with combos. From 14th to the 17th of February, visitors will be able to order from the special menu where two courses, a beverage, macron, and a welcome gift cost about 950 rupees. For an extra course with wine instead of a beverage, it costs about 1100 rupees. The French cuisine is all about the cheese and the wine so we would recommend that you try out the wine. Bottles of wine are sold too at a discounted rate. If the idea of wine and cheese isn’t enough to attract you, the pastries and special dessert would.

cafe noir

One of Bengaluru’s trendiest restaurants, the place receives much love and support from its fans for its delightful and delicious menu. The ambiance and the flavourful dishes and wine here makes an ideal setting for conversations, stories, and bonding.

Cafe Noir has branches in UB city, Phoenix Mall, Orion Mall, and VR Bengaluru as well in Whitefield at Miraya Rose property by UKn. Make sure to visit the place and have a memorable Valentine’s Day. Bon appétit!

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