Cafe Natural, One of Bengaluru’s First Health Based Cafe is an Experience You Cannot Afford to miss

cafe natural

You might have tasted the food of different kinds or had a chance to relish the cuisines of various flavours but a feel of nibbling the food made of natural ingredients is just out of the ordinary. Today, we are tired of eating snacks and eatables with preservatives and futile colors and somewhere, we are looking for a contrast to beat the very milieu of the unhealthy menu. In a way, it is very rare that we find healthy food joints in a city like Bengaluru. However, to your surprise and to ours, Cafe Natural of Sahakar Nagar is serving healthy food and beverages precisely curated for health-conscious individuals and foodies of Bengaluru. Come, let’s see what this Cafe has in store for us.

Cafe Natural is one of the first Health based Cafe in Bengaluru

Started in 2015, Cafe Natural is a health-based cafe with a beautiful outlet located in the lanes of Sahakar Nagar. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, with an increase in the need to consume food that is low on calories and high on nutrition, Cafe Natural looks perfect and you should not take a chance to miss a visit to this health-based cafe in Bengaluru. They have balanced out continental food and ancient recipes with healthier options and in every way, it looks appealing and entreating.

cafe natural

One amazing thing about this Cafe is that they try to cut down on Sugar, Maida and instead use whole grains. They have food and beverages for fitness freaks to diabetic patients.

Food upon order with no Preservatives and added flavours

One thing that you will appreciate about this cafe is that the food is prepared only upon order. With the use of raw materials like millets which are low in calories and high in nutrition, you will literally experience the freshness of food in its every bite and groove on to their impeccable taste. Have you tasted Ragi & Millet Cakes with Jaggery and without Maida and Sandwiches made of Millet? You should definitely give a try.

Quick Bite – Pizza with Millet Base, Millet South Indian Breakfast, Tossed Vegetable with Herbs, Avocado Cheese Sandwich, Tomato & Basil with multi grain bread, Whole Wheat Pasta, and Waffles.

Sip it Up – Energizing malts, Kashayas, Detoxifying drinks, Herbal & Jaggery tea.

healthy food joints in Bangalore

As we said, there are only a few health-based cafes in Bengaluru and consciousness towards healthy food is increasing in the metro cities. In this context, while talking to Owner at Cafe Natural, he said,

“We are that stop for all health conscious individuals looking for healthy food and beverages that not only taste good but make you feel good as well. From a cup of tea to other health drinks, everything here at Cafe Natural is precisely curated and balanced out. “

cafe natural

Do not miss Kashaya & Malts

The legend of Kashaya dates back to the ancient homes of India which is a healthy drink basically prepared using black peppercorns, coriander seeds, cumin seeds, and fennel seeds. It is an excellent drink that helps a cough, cold, and flue to take a back seat without having any adverse effect on the body. Cafe Natural offers you the same old ancient flavour of Kashaya which will just rejuvenate you tr body to a healthy zest. So, it is not worth yet to miss this drink, no matter what!

cafe natural

Cafe Natural is counted one among the top healthy food joints in Bengaluru as featured by Fever 104 FM and News 9 channel. Without a second thought, this Cafe has to be on your list of things to do in Bangalore, for sure. Make time for Cafe Natural and have something healthy.

Address: Basement of Kanti Sweets, Opposite Ganesha temple, Sahakar Nagar.

Open: 7:30 AM – 10 PM

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