CAA Protests To New Year Celebrations: Bengaluru Cops Say That They Are Tired

Beginning from crime-stopping activities to pro and anti CAA protest, the Bengaluru police says that it is exhausted. The police officer reported that the entire staff operated for more than 15 hours a day for the last 20 days to maintain law and order in the city.

Exhausted Bengaluru police 

Beginning from crime-stopping related programs to pro and anti CAA protests, security for new year celebrations and PM Modi’s visit, the city police force has been tired.


“Our crew worked till 4 am on January 1. The same day, they turned to the office by 10.30 am to attend ‘security rehearsal for Prime Minister’s visit. During PM’s two day visit, the entire police force was running,” City police commissioner Bhaskar Rao said.

source: thenewsminute

According to a report, each police official leaves home by 8.30 am and returns only after 11 pm. Officials doing night rounds, which also adds commissioner of police, come back home by 7 pm and reach back by 9.30 pm. The one with the night rounds ends around 5.30 AM, the next morning.

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“We had to cut their leaves to balance the police force during pro and anti CAA protest across the city. During the day, we were watching the crowd and at night, men in plainclothes were assigned to different parts of the city to gather information on likely protests. All the eight deputy commissioners of police were on night rounds in their divisions those days,” said Bhasker Rao.


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Another senior officer said that the condition was more serious for the officials of the ranks of the inspector and below. “First, we were deployed to monitor and control protests and rallies from morning to evening. After that, we were deemed to return to the station to complete pending investigations many of which were either standard or delayed,” he said.

Police car drivers 

The officials also said that the police constables and head constables working as drivers for different police vehicles were also the worst hit.

“Services of drivers are essentials from commissioner to inspector. These drivers have to follow their bosses from morning till midnight. Different drivers arriving for duty in shifts don’t work during emergencies like protests, new year parties or visit of Prime Minister,” said an officer.


source: the hindu

These drivers live in different places including police quarters, which are far away. Normally, they ride on motorbikes to reach the house of tier boss or police stations to pick their vehicles. Similarly, after ending their duties at night or midnight, they have to ride back home after keeping the vehicles at the house of their boss or a police station.