Buying Essays: How Much Does It Cost Online?


If you decide to buy an essay, you should pay attention to several points, and affordability os one of them. Times, when students could be fooled with the idea of «the highest price means the highest quality,» are long gone, and now clients are looking for services offering reasonable prices without compromising on quality. However, the question remains open, how much the essay you buy online should cost. On what you should check before purchasing the paper? In this post, you will find some tips on how to assess the costs and what the logic behind the pricing policy should be when it comes to the reliable agency.

Pricing Policy Should Be Fair and Logical

Reading about prices, you should understand how they were established and how they change. More of it, the level of change also should be logical. Three factors are influencing the final cost the most: the proximity of the deadline, the number of pages needed and the year of your education. The closer the deadline is, the more pages you need, the higher your level of education is, the more expensive your paper will be. However, every step up should not mean a drastic change.


For example, you address an online writing service – to buy an essay, research paper or even dissertation written for you. You are in college, Sophomore year, you need a 4-page article in two weeks. The price for this order will be $52. If you lose some time and have only seven days for this order to be written, you will pay $60. The difference is not huge, right? Choose agencies where this ratio is similar. There are services which would ask for +30% in this case. Don’t go for that!


Standard Prices and Extra Payments

There are different offers on the market. Also, many services offer additional options at an extra price. For example, you can pay extra 20-25% for your paper to be written by a native speaker of the English language, or an additional 10% for a Progressive Delivery. The second one is necessary when it comes to the extended orders, the first one we would recommend considering only concerning the most important papers, and only if you are a native speaker of the English language yourself.

All of the writers working with reliable services are Master’s and Ph.D. degree holders, experienced in composing different papers in a variety of disciplines. Buying an essay choose “the most suitable writer available” option, and save money. Standard prices are High-school papers starting from $12 per page, College papers —$13-17, University assignments — $20-24 per page. Of course, the cost can be 10% higher or lower, and it will still be in the normal cost-frame. If the offer is much cheaper or much more expensive, it is better to look for another service.


Urgent Papers

It is a no-brainer that urgent papers should cost more. Sometimes, when you place an order demanding an overnight delivery, an agency assigns several writers to work on your assignment. However, the price for overnight delivery per page should not be more than 2-3 times bigger than for an order you place in two weeks before the deadline. For example, you buy that 4-page essay in 2 weeks. It costs $52. If you order it 8 hours before the deadline, it should cost no more than $150, better $125-130.

As we’ve said in the very beginning, you should pay attention not only to the offered prices but also to the quality of services, reliability of the particular agency in question, etc. It is your safety, and you can’t neglect it. The worst course of action you can choose is looking for free samples online and using them for your papers. All of them are plagiarized, and most of them are very low-quality. Even when being under severe time pressure, it is better to find a company with reasonable prices to help you out, instead of using free papers to complete your assignment. Be careful and stay on the safe side! Good luck!