Struggling To Buy Perfect Home? Follow This Checklist!


For a perfect life, living in a perfect home is necessary. Many of us struggle a lot before buying a perfect home for ourselves and our family. As a part of personal experience, I can say home hunting is not that easy as it might seem. I remember how much I had to struggle when I was newly shifted and looking for a 3BHK flat in Jaipur. As we all know home is not just another property that anyone buys but, a place where emotions and dreams reside. Therefore, In this article, I will provide you with a checklist that will make your search for a perfect home a lot easier.


This is a very basic yet crucial point to keep in mind. Location preference can be unique depending upon the person’s requirement. Also, finding a perfect neighborhood is tough. Set your priorities clear while looking for a good locality. You need to understand there is rarely a perfect location. So, always keep your priorities clear when looking for a nice locality. Don’t end up getting confused, as there is a difference between want and requirement.

Space and size

According to the number of family members, decide the member of bedrooms and space you require. If possible try to take a little extra space for expanding it later. Keep in mind: the large size of home means higher the cost. So decide the requirement of space intelligently. Usually, people face some common issues with the budget and space requirement. In that case, look for space that can be used for multipurpose without any issue. Don’t forget to consider parking space, if you are a car owner.


You might get tempted to live near a busy street but, it can be risky if you have young children in the family. People with family members that pertain any kind of mobility issue or are physically disabled should be more careful. You and your family’s safety should be considered while deciding the home. If required, also try to inquire from local residents and shopkeepers about the security of the locality.


Socializing is a nice thing but when talking about home, everyone looks for privacy. Don’t hurry while deciding home, analyze properly if the place has required privacy for you and your family. Check if any sound from outdoors is bothering or not. Such small details can save you from any future regret, so be attentive to every bit of detail.

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Check the interest rates

Making a thorough research on the interest rates when you are planning to buy a home is necessary. Your first call should be your bank and once you get an idea of their interest rate, start looking for other interests rates too. Analyze the various bank options and their interest rates. Choose the one with the best interest rate and as soon as you receive approval from that bank, You are good to go

We hope this article helped you to know a few more things so don’t waste your time. Start making your checklist to buy a perfect home.



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