Busy Juggling Between Various Projects, Prabhas Is Said To Be Under Pressure

Prabhas is a super busy man now and the fact that he is having to juggle between three different projects that are in various stages of shooting clearly indicates that the Pan India star is under huge pressure.

Prabhas under pressure

After the success of Baahubal, Prabhas has grown into a huge star with international recognition. He is one of the few Indian stars who can command a minimum of Rs 300 to 400 crore in business, regardless of genre or director.


However, his recent planning appears to be in huge chaos. He had signed several projects in an attempt to act in a variety of subjects. In the next two or three years, he will release films such as “Adipurush,” “Salaar,” “Project K,” “Spirit,” and Maruthi’s Untitled Film. If kept aside Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s “Spirit,” the rest are in various stages of completion.

Nevertheless, the release dates of these films have caused significant confusion.

“Adipurush” has already been postponed. As a result, “Salaar” will have to change its release date. The makers of “Project K” and Maruthi’s film will be able to set release dates for these films only after these two films have hit theatres.


Looking at the situation, Prabhas cannot be free from these projects until 2025. He is said to be under immense pressure to sort through everything and start over.

Situation with Adipurush 

Meanwhile, Adipurush makers recently announced the postponement of the film by almost 5 months. Director Om Raut and the team will be reworking the VFX and other factors during this extended gap. Before, Adipurush was said to be budgeted at Rs 450 crore+, even though the actual amount is anonymous. Now, the reworking process is going to cost another 100 crore+ for the makers. So, overall the budget of the film has gone beyond 550 crores, reports TrackTollywood.com. This is actually more than Rajinikanth-Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 and Jr NTR-Ram Charan’s RRR, which were the two most expensive Indian films.

Helmed by Om Raut, the film was touted to set a new standard for VFX use in Indian cinema. Sadly, we all witnessed how poorly it got trolled due to the cartoonish feel and fake-looking body of Prabhas. Now, as the magnum opus has got a big gap with its new release date, the team is trying to cover up all the damage done. And yes, it’ll be costing a huge amount.


Adipurush could now be called the most expensive Indian film. It will be interesting to see how Om Raut and the team justify such a huge cost and come up with an amazing experience.