Bundles Of ₹500 Notes Drops Out Of Drainage Pipe At K’taka PWD Engineer’s Home During Raid

There are various instances of raids conducted by the anti corruption bureau; and usually the black money is recovered from unorthodox places which might evoke laughter at the same makes us understand how far a man can try to evade a surprise raid! One such interesting incident comes from Karnataka where Bundles of currency notes hidden in pipes were recovered in a raid by the Karnataka Anti-Corruption Bureau at the house of an engineer employed with the state’s Public Works Development (PWD).

PWD Engineer Caught For Hoarding Illegal Cash

During the raid at PWD engineer Shantha Gowda Biradar in Kalburgi district Biradar’s residence, officials of the anti-corruption bureau recovered Rs 25 lakh in hard cash and a huge quantity of gold. Video footage recorded during the raid shows ACB officials and a plumber removing sections of pipes and pulling out bundles of notes from inside.


The ACB officials swooped down on the house, acting on a tip-off that the “pipes” meant ostensibly for draining out rain water from the rooftop were actually being used for hiding money that the engineer was making through corrupt means. The raid at Biradar’s residence is part of a statewide crackdown on officials accused of corruption. The Anti-Corruption Bureau has conducted searches at 60 locations on 15 officials accused of corruption and acquiring assets that are disproportionate to their known sources of income.



Source : The freepress Journal