Bulli Bai: Javed Akhtar targeted and trolled again, but for what?!

Javed Akhtar has landed himself in yet another brawl of tweets!

Popular Writer, Lyricist, and Rajya Sabha MP was vocal on Twitter against the Bulli Deals controversy that caused an uproar all over the country. He tweeted “There is an online auction of hundred women There are so called Dharm Sansads, advising the army the police n the people to go for the genocide of almost 200 MLN Indians. I am appalled with every one ‘s silence including my own n particularly of The PM. Is this Sub ka saath?”


Bulli deals has been in news recently for all the wrong reasons where pictures of hundreds of Muslim Women were put up on the app for auction without the consent of these women while some pictures were also doctored. The app was hosted on the GitHub platform.

Post this tweet, Akhtar became a butt of anger where people trolled him and asked him strict questions about his tweet.

He responded in a fit of rage on Twitter through this tweet, “The moment I raised my voice against the online auction of women n those glorifying Godse n preaching genocide to the army police n people some bigots have started abusing my great great grand father a freedom fighter who died in kala pani in 1864. What do you say to such idiots”


The Bulli deals case has seen a breakthrough where the authorities have arrested three people from various places one among them was a 21-year-old Civil Engineering student from Bengaluru and the other was an 18-year-old girl from Bengaluru as well.